Privacy Policy

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Privacy and information security is the top concern on itselectable, we are willing to do everything to keep your personal information safe and we will never steal or sell your information for any commercial or unauthorized purposes.


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Cookies are the files recording some basic information through web browser and saving to your computer hard drive, such as which web pages you visit, how long you stay, etc. Cookies are often used to understand your preference, to know what you may feel interested, so a better service can be provided to meet your needs. Also, per your next visit, the Cookies will help to save your time by directly bringing expected or wanted pages to you.

External Links

To help you fully utilize our services, we provide external links on our website working as a way to explain or supplement our solutions. We will double check the safety of using these external links, but please be aware of that, we itselectable are not accountable for the privacy policy on those websites. Therefore, we highly encourage you to read theirs if you are redirected to another website.

Contact Information

For any inquires sent to us via email, itselectable may keep your email address, message body and the whole communication process between us. But all these online information will be kept by itselectable safely, no 3rd party will have the access to such a communication.

Comments and Testimonials

Any genuine and objective comments or testimonials from our readers will be highly appreciated at itselectable. Everybody on itselectable has the right to say, to vote, but we itselectable are not response for any comments on the website. Also, users giving out the testimonials don’t necessarily represent all that are using or will use our services/solutions.

About Policy Changes

itselectable reserves the right to modify and revise the privacy policy at any time without notice. However, no matter how and what we are going to amend, your privacy is always the top priority on itselectable, your privacy protection is only to be better on itselectable.