This post writes about what is AVIF file, how to open it, and which AVIF converter can be free downloaded to convert AVIF to JPG offline or online.

  1. What is An AVIF File?
  2. How to Open An AVIF File?
  3. Best Software to Convert AVIF to JPG Offline
  4. Best Offline AVIF to JPG Converter to Download
  5. How to Batch Convert AVIF to JPG Free Online

What is An AVIF File?

A file with the .avif file extension is a still image format to store images or image sequences using AV1 compress algorithms. Its full name is AV1 Image Format, created from keyframes of an AV1 video.

AV1 video format is open, royalty-free video coding format with higher data compression but keeps better quality for video transmission. It is developed by AOMEdia, Google, Cisco and Xiph.

AVIF files are much smaller than JPEG, PNG or other web friendly image formats, but has a better detail preservation.

How to Open An AVIF File?

Google has participated in the development of AV1 video format, so it won’t be surprised that we can open and read AVIF in Google Chrome browser. Not only Google Chrome, we can open AVIF file in Firefox too.

Open An AVIF Image in Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome app.
  2. Open a new window tab.
  3. open avif 1Drag n drop the AVIF to Chrome for avif 2

Best Software to Convert AVIF to JPG Offline

To convert AVIF files to JPG, there are downloadable and installable software like Pixillion Image Converter. This app can convert AVIF and 50+ image formats to JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, about 20 output formats with Write options.

With this program, you don’t have to wait for the conversion one by one, it supports batch conversion, you just need to import all AVIF files and select them all for concurrent conversions. The Edit portion of this program lets you resize, crop, watermark, rotate, flip, even add filters to AVIF images, if you want to.

A Summary of Pixillion Image Converter

  • Read 50+ image formats
  • Export as 20+ image formats
  • Batch convert
  • Edit images: crop, resize, watermark, rotate, flip, add filter
  • Offer a built-in image viewer
  • Output format settings

However, it has Windows edition only.

How to batch convert AVIF to JPG offline with Pixillion

  1. Get a free copy of Pixillion Image Converter.
  2. Drag n drop all AVIF images to the app.avif to jpg batch 1
  3. Click on Effects to edit the AVIF images.avif to jpg batch 2
  4. Pick JPG as output format and adjust the compression settings.avif to jpg batch 3

Best Offline AVIF to JPG Converter to Download

Pixillion is a highly efficient image converter that has a large and devoted user-base, but if you are determined to start with a free offline avif to jog converter, here is the good news for you—we have 2 free apps available.

Preview for Mac

If you have a Mac, you don’t even bother to download Preview, it is built right into macOS. It lets users read, write, markup and edit images at a basic level. The Export tool can convert PDF, raw images and raster images into JPG, HEIC, PNG, TIFF, PDF and OpenEXR. It can bulk convert avif images too, as long you open them all in Preview, select them and export all the selected images as JPG.

How to convert AVIF to JPG on Mac offline and free?

  1. Open AVIF images in Preview.
  2. Hover to File>Export.avif to jpg mac 1
  3. Choose JPEG from the format drop down list, select quality, file name and output folder.avif to jpg mac 2
  4. Hit Save to convert AVIF images offline.

GIMP for Windows and Mac

GIMP is an open source photo editor. It provides both fundamental and advanced options for photo processing, from composition, conversion to layer editing.

It reads and writes to all common images formats, including AVIF. This open source AVIF to JPG converter software can be used free on Windows, macOS. This program is designed without batch conversion feature, if you want to batch convert avif image, you need to download the batch conversion plugin (BIMP).

How to convert AVIF to JPG offline and free?

  1. Free download GIMP on, install and fire up the app.
  2. Open the avif image in GIMP.
  3. Hover to File>Export As.avif to jpg free 1
  4. Expand the file type list, choose JPEG image.avif to jpg free 2
  5. Hit Export, choose a quality, click Export.avif to jpg free 3

How to Batch Convert AVIF to JPG Free Online and are 2 online free converters for Mac and Windows that give a quick solution to convert AVIF to JPG. Both are great for small AVIF files conversion.


It is known for its superb conversion quality and has a clean & uncluttered webpage. With a large set of input and output options (docs, videos, music, images, compressed files), it converts most common files.

However, you can convert files with max file size 100 MB, and only 2 AVIF image per time. To convert files more than 2, you have to wait until other conversion finishes, or sign up to convert more.

Convert AVIF to JPG free online with Convertio

  1. Navigate to in your web browser.
  2. Upload all AVIF images online.avif to jpg online 1
  3. Click Convert button, if you are converting files more than 2, start other conversions when current conversions finish.avif to jpg online 2
  4. Then click Download to save all JPG images to your Mac or Windows drive.


It is a simple file converter that even lets you convert a lot of files and customize quality, size, fit, etc.

However, you will find that it uploads and converts files slower than Convertio. In addition, you can only convert 25 files for free per day.

Convert AVIF to JPG free online with Cloudconvert

  1. Navigate to in your web browser.
  2. Drag n drop all AVIF images to this online tool.avif to jpg online 3
  3. Click on Options icon and set up output JPG files.avif to jpg online 4
  4. Click Convert.
  5. Click Download to save all JPG files.avif to jpg online 5