Raw images are used to store HD photos, but cannot be opened as easily as that opening a JPG/PNG or other common image. In recognition of this fact, many users choose to convert raw to web-friendly JPEG format.

To this day, many photo tools are added with an image converter to export raw images, and here we list 7 best raw to JPEG converters for Windows 11, 10, 8 even 7 PC, with free download address included.

  1. Best Raw to JPG Converter for Windows PC (Bulk Convert, Free Download)
  2. Best Free Raw to JPEG Converter for PC (Offline & Online)

Part 1. Best Raw to JPG Converter for Windows PC (Bulk Convert, Free Download)

We have 2 options to bulk convert raw to jpg or jpeg on Windows PC in a fast way, using the software BatchPhoto Pro or Pixillion.

#1 BatchPhoto Pro

If you are looking for an image converter to export raw in batch, BatchPhoto Pro will be the best choice. You can get the most from this tool to view, edit and convert more than one hundred image formats, including raw, common and additional one. BatchPhoto Pro builds a simple process to convert raw images with just several clicks.

Main Features

  • Read 100+ images
  • Convert raw, common and other images to 70+ image formats, like raw to jpg, png to eps, eps to jpg, svg to eps, etc,
  • Edit images: add watermark, date stamp, comment/effect, flip, resize, rotate, crop, optimize, touchup, etc.
  • Share files to FTP or send via Email

Bright Spots

  • Batch convert raw and other images
  • Retain original quality
  • Super excellent support on input and output formats

Free Download Address: BatchPhoto Pro

How to Bulk Convert Raw to JPEG on Windows 11, 10, 8, or 7 PC?

  1. Grab a free copy of BatchPhoto Pro, install it.
  2. Drag and drop raw images to BatchPhoto Pro.add image to batchphoto
  3. (Optional) Go to Edit Photos, add filters to edit the raw images before conversion.edit image in batchphoto
  4. Go to Setup, choose output as JPG and select output folder.raw to jped on windows
  5. Go to Process to start the conversion process, then view the JPG images.

#2 Pixillion Image Converter

It’s good to have a raw image converter with editing features, but if this is not necessary, a light weight image converter will be all what you need, like Pixillion Image Converter. It is mainly developed to convert images, including raw and common ones. Though it offers limited editing features, it is a good fit for quick raw image conversion.

Main Features

  • Read 50+ image formats, including raw, common and others: webp to jpg
  • Convert to 20 image formats
  • Resize, flip, rotate, add watermark text/image
  • Share images
  • Allow output preferences

Bright Spots

  • Batch convert images
  • Allow output settings

Free Download Address: Pixillion Image Converter

How to Bulk Convert Raw to JPEG on Windows 11, 10, 8 or 7?

  1. Grab a free copy of Pixillion Image Converter , install the application to your Windows PC.
  2. Add all raw images to Pixillion.add image to pixillion
  3. Choose output as JPEG.add image to pixillion
  4. Click Options to change the output settings.
  5. Click Convert to export raw image as JPEG format.

Part 2. Best Free Raw to JPEG Converter for PC (Offline & Online)

We have free raw to jpg converters too, they can be used online or offline without any cost.

#3 Windows Polarr Photo Editor (Offline)

Also, it is important to note that Windows 11 or 10 PC offers free tool to open, edit and export raw images, that’s Photos. It is free to use. However, its free version doesn’t support batch conversion.

Main Features

  • Open and view images
  • Edit images (add text, shape, line, etc)
  • Add watermark
  • Crop
  • Export as JPEG, PNG or TIFF

Bright Spots

  • Windows 10 preinstalled, free to use

How to Convert Raw to JPEG on Windows PC for Free?

  1. Open raw image with Polarr Photo Editor.
  2. Click Save button.polarr raw image converter
  3. Choose output as JPEG and select image quality.
  4. Then click Save as Copy to convert raw image to JPG on Windows 10.

#4 AVS Image Converter (Offline)

AVS Image Converter is a free image tool to convert, resize, add effects and watermark to images. It can read 20+ images formats, including common ones and raw ones, and supports exporting as 10+ popular image formats. For users from different lingual background, it supports different interface languages.

Main Features

  • Read 20+ image formats
  • Export as 12 image formats
  • Resize, rotate and rename images
  • Apply effect and add watermark
  • Batch conversion support

Bright Spots

  • Offline and Free to use
  • Read 20+ image formats and export as 12 image formats

Free Download Address: AVS Image Converter

How to Convert Raw to JPEG on Windows PC for Free?

  1. Install AVS Image Converter onto your Windows PC.
  2. Go to Conversion Tab.
  3. Click Add to import raw images to the program.avs free raw to jpeg converter
  4. Choose To Jpeg.
  5. Then click Convert Now to save raw images as JPEG on Windows.

#5 GIMP (Offline)

For users with advanced skills to edit an image, GIMP won’t disappoint them. GIMP, called as GNU Image Manipulation Program, is an open source image editor to work on images the way as that in Photoshop. It can read and convert raw to JPEG format too. However, you need to install raw loader plugin first.

Main Features

  • Open and view images, including raw
  • Edit images in a professional way
  • Export as 50+ image formats

Bright Spots

  • Free to use
  • Advanced raw image editing tools

Free Download Address: GIMP

How to Convert Raw to JPEG on Windows PC for Free?

  1. Install GIMP .
  2. Open raw image, download and install Raw loader plugin from recommended website.gimp raw image converter
  3. Go to File>Export As.gimp raw image converter02
  4. Go to Select File Type, choose JPEG from the output format menu.
  5. Click Export to save raw image as JPEG on Windows.

There are high hopes from our users that they want to convert raw image for free and without installing any software. But before going to the recommended online raw to jpeg free converters, we have something to say:

It seems that we have many options on online free raw to JPEG converters, but not really. The limitations of most of these online free image tools are great obstacles for us and finally stop us using them.

For example, Zamzar has a max file size limit of 50MB, while a raw image is often large in the size:

zamzar limit
CloudConvert cannot keep the original raw image quality, the background of its converted JPEG images just comes out as Red.

cloudconvert result

Convertio doesn’t help to save Raw as JPEG, the green background in the JPEG output makes these image useless.

convertio result

Online Converter Image Converter helps on this conversion, but it doesn’t support batch conversion.

raw.pics.io is always highly recommended, because it offers powerful editing features on raw images, however, it is not for free. You are allowed to upload, edit and export raw images with this tool, but only 1 image can be downloaded for free, for further services, you need to pay. That’s why I uploaded 4 raw images conversion, but only saved one of them as JPEG.

raw pics limit

But luckily, iloveimg and online-convert are solid free raw to JPEG converters we can try on our Windows.

#6 Iloveimg

It offers serives to compress, resize, crop, convert and edit images.

The Good

  • Convert CR2, RW2, NEF, ARW, SR2, ORF, PEF, RAF and Adobe Raw to JPG
  • Batch convert raw images
  • Download all JPEG files in a Zip
  • Save images to cloud storage services

The Bad

  • Require upgrade to Premium if want to keep original image quality
  • Take time to upload and convert raw images

Follow Steps to Convert Raw to JPEG on Windows 10 PC Online

  1. Head to iloveimg raw to JPG.
  2. Upload raw images.iloveimg01
  3. Click Convert to JPG to start the conversion process.iloveimg02
  4. Download JPEG files to your Windows 10 PC.iloveimg03

#7 Online-Convert Image Converter

It allows users to convert images to 12 formats, including JPEG.

The Good

  • Convert raw images to different image formats
  • Batch convert raw images
  • Tweak optional settings
  • Download all JPEG files in a Zip

The Bad

  • Only 3 images can be converted at the same time for free
  • Take time to upload and convert raw images
  • Image quality is lost in JPEG files

Follow The Steps to Convert Raw to JPEG on Windows 10 PC Online

  1. Navigate to Online-Convert raw to JPG in your web browser.
  2. Upload raw images.online convert01
  3. Adjust the optional settings and click Start Conversion.
  4. Download JPEG files to your Windows 10 PC.online-convert02

Which one will you choose to convert your raw images and save as JPG or JPEG format?