PDF was born to create and fill out PDF forms. We barely create a fillable PDF form from scratch, we create from existing documents, like Word, Excel, PDF and so on. We talked about creating fillable PDF form from Word in one of our articles, in this guide, we collect 2 ways to turn Excel into fillable PDF form and explain how they work.

The Best Way to Create Fillable PDF Form from Excel Document

Each PDF editor application comes with a variety of features and tricks to organize and edit your PDFs, Adobe Acrobat is no doubt the best solution to take your stress out of working on PDFs, especially to create, fill and edit PDF forms.

We like Acrobat because it is much simpler than you think to use, but offers the most tools for PDF document. Prepare Form is one of its most impressive features, it lets users to turn flat PDFs into fillable form automatically, also add text box, checkbox, button, signature and so on, you can customize everything in the fillable form.

Once you’ve got familiar with the basics, you can use the advanced tools and options to customize PDF to suit your needs.

Here is how to create fillable PDF form from Excel with ease

  1. Get a 7-day free trial of Adobe Acrobat, install and fire up the app on your machine.
  2. Head to Create PDF, navigate and select the Excel file, click on Create.create fillable pdf from excel 1
  3. Now the Excel file is opened as PDF in Acrobat, head to More Tools on the right panel.create fillable pdf from excel 2
  4. Select Forms & Signatures>Prepare Form.create fillable pdf from excel 3
  5. Hit Start.create fillable pdf from excel 4
  6. Use the options on secondary toolbar to add text, button or others you want to put into the fillable form, or change the properties of specific form field.create fillable pdf from excel 5
  7. When you are happy with the form, hit Close, then hit Save button to create a fillable PDF form from Excel.create fillable pdf from excel 6


There are different pricing tiers, a free 7-day trial is provided for users to have enough time to check out if it is an ideal tool for them, even a subscription at anytime when you don’t feel like to use it.

How to Create Fillable PDF Form from Excel for Free

For a free and basic solution to create fillable PDF form from Excel spreadsheet, I mean, no fee, no registration, no notification, we recommend Smallpdf Converter+Sejda PDF Form Creator. You will have to convert the Excel to PDF file first, then add fillable form fields to the PDF.

BUT, we need to know that the created PDF form from the Excel spreadsheet may look different from the original document, because we convert it in a file converter. Also, using Sejda to turn PDF to fillable form has limits, we can do only 3 task per hour, and there are page/file size limit which is not friendly for large files.

  1. Head to the website of smallpdf.com/excel-to-pdf.
  2. Upload the Excel file and wait for the loading & conversion.create fillable pdf from excel online 1
  3. Download the PDF file to your device.create fillable pdf from excel online 2
  4. Head to the website of sejda.com/pdf-forms, upload the PDF file.create fillable pdf from excel online 3
  5. Click on Text Field to add boxes to the place where you want to add fillable fields.create fillable pdf from excel online 4
  6. Hit Apply changes.
  7. Download the fillable PDF form that is created from the Excel file.

If you haven’t opted to create fillable form from Excel in Acrobat, just head to the website and do it free online. When exceeding the file limits, you can subscribe the service or just install Adobe Acrobat to get more control over your PDF forms.