We keep finding benefits for adding a checkbox in PDF. It is good for users to make a choice from a list by ticking the check boxes. This article is here to guide through the process to add check box in PDF and put a check mark in it.

It is not time consuming or complicated to add a check box in PDF, following these steps will ensure your PDF come with clickable boxes.

  1. Add One or Multiple Checkbox to PDF in Adobe Acrobat
  2. How to Add Checkbox in PDF Online
  3. A Free Way to Add Tickbox Only

Add One or Multiple Checkbox to PDF in Adobe Acrobat

Most guides of best PDF tools features recommendation for Adobe Acrobat, and it is not hard to see why. This full PDF editing suite is a subscription-based program for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Online, used to edit PDF with intuitive and helpful tools, including Create, Edit, Export, Prepare and fill form, Sign, Compare, Annotate, Protect and Standardize. Over the past years in which so many PDF tools arise, Acrobat has never lost its competitive edge in function and performance.

Adding checkbox in PDF using Acrobat is surely the best solution out there. It cannot only add check box, but also add text box, radio button, a list of choices, a dropdown list, Print or Clear button, image field, data filed, barcode and so on. Users are offered with full control over the check box properties, from General (name, tooltip, read only, required), Appearance (border, color, font, size), Position (width and height value), Options (check box style, export value) to Actions (select trigger, action), users can create a cool and wanted check box.

There will be lines helping align up the check boxes to have a good look. Most importantly, the created checkbox in Adobe Acrobat allows users to put a checkmark easily in it, you can tick it to add the checkmark, no matter which PDF reader you will use to open and add the checkmark.

Now, add (multiple) checkbox to PDF in Acrobat and put a checkmark in it

  1. Get a 7-day free trial copy of Adobe Acrobat, install and fire up the app on your Apple or Windows machine.
  2. Drag and drop the PDF onto Acrobat, then go to Tools>Forms&Signature>Prepare Form.add checkbox pdf adobe 1
  3. Select the PDF file you want to add checkbox and hit Start button.add checkbox pdf adobe 2
  4. Click on the Checkbox button, add one or multiple checkboxes in PDF.add checkbox pdf adobe 3
  5. Double click on the check box to bring up the property panel, customize the check box as you need.add checkbox pdf adobe 4
  6. Go to File and hit Save. Then open the PDF in any PDF reader, you can put a checkmark in the check boxes.add checkbox pdf adobe 5

How to Add Checkbox in PDF Online

If you don’t want to have any other software installed ion your device and want to use something different, then online web tools will do the job, that give you a basic set of editing tools and options to paly around checkbox in PDF. But here is the caveat, web tools have limits.

Try Sejda PDF Editor

When adding checkbox in PDF with Sejda, you can name for the checkbox and have a color for it.


  • View
  • Compress
  • Edit PDF: add text, link or image, form fields, signature, whiteout, annotate, add shapes
  • Fill and sign
  • Merge and split
  • Organize pages
  • Create
  • Convert


  • Up to 200 pages or 50MB
  • 3 tasks per hour

Now, add checkbox in PDF online and for free

  1. Navigate to Sejda PDF editor in your web browser.
  2. Upload the PDF.
  3. Go to Forms, choose Checkbox and add to your PDF. Also you can change the box color.add checkbox pdf online 2
  4. Hit Apply changes and download the file to your machine.

Or try Soda PDF Editor

Besides check box, it can add text field, combo box, list box, radio button.


  • View
  • Convert
  • Edit: type text, insert image or link, add page marks, remove page marks
  • Organize pages
  • Fill and sign
  • Comment
  • Protect
  • Add form fields
  • OCR
  • Sign
  • Batch process


  • Need to pay to download the file

Now, add checkbox in PDF online

  1. Navigate to Soda PDF editor in your web browser.
  2. Upload the PDF file.
  3. Select Forms>Form Field, click on Checkbox icon and add one or multiple check boxes to the PDF.add checkbox pdf online 1
  4. Then hit Save and pay to download the file

A Free Way to Add Tickbox Only in PDF

There is another way to free add tickbox in PDF, to use Microsoft Word. But you can add a tickbox only and are not allowed to put a checkmark in it, unless you print the file out on a paper and manually tick the box with a pen.

Before adding the checkbox in MS Word, you need to get a Word copy of the PDF file or convert PDF to Word format.

  1. Open the Word document created from the PDF using Microsoft Office Word.
  2. Go to Word Options>Customize Ribbon.
  3. Choose Main Tabs from Customize the Ribbon dropdown menu.
  4. Tick the box before Developer from the Main Tabs list and click OK.
  5. Go back to the Word Ribbon>Developer.
  6. Click on Checkbox button and add the checkbox as you need in the file.
  7. Then go to File and hit Save as Adobe PDF.