PDF format has so thoroughly transformed the way we store our files, especially for people that use professional documents often, like business contract, bank statement, agreement, proposal, invoice, resume, certificate and so on. It is hard to imagine getting documentation prepared without PDF format. But as we may have known, PDF is not a format can be easily edited.

If you have a certificate saved in PDF, even it is a scanned document, and want to change the name, the date or other information on it, or fill out it, we here will look at 3 methods to edit a PDF certificate.

Edit Any Type of PDF Certificate Easily

A PDF certificate can be a digital editable document, also can be a scanned file that doesn’t allow editing without the assistance of OCR. To fit these 2 main needs, we are always recommended to using an advanced PDF editor app.

For most people, they have heard and had the faith in Adobe Acrobat, which is the best industry-standard-level PDF editing tool so far. Anything on the PDF, it becomes editable and customizable in Acrobat, we can freely edit texts, images, links, media objects, set up actions, add editable fields, embed buttons. It packs all tools and options we may need to handle a PDF. It even lets us edit scanned files easily with an auto OCR process.

The biggest problem of installing this PDF editor might be the price tag before, but now with only $14.99~$24.99 per month, we can have full access to its features and cancel at anytime we want to hold.

With Acrobat app, we can easily change the name, date, title or other details, even from a scanned certificate. Also, we can insert image, signature, stamp, background text, adjust the light/size/layout/color, fill out the certificate with preferred font, create a fillable certificate template, etc.

How to Edit (Scanned) PDF Certificate Easily?

  1. Get a free copy of Adobe Acrobat, it has a 7-day free trial, install and fire up the app on your machine.
  2. Open PDF certificate in Acrobat.edit certificate adobe 1
  3. Head to Edit PDF, for scanned PDF certificate, Adobe will auto OCR process and make the file searchable.edit certificate adobe 2
  4. Click on Edit, edit the name, date, title or other information on the certificate.edit certificate adobe 3
  5. Also, you can use other tools to edit the PDF certificate.edit certificate adobe 4
  6. Hit Save button to finish the editing.

How to Edit PDF Certificate in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop uses a professional approach to edit photos and PDFs, it is widely used by power users. If you have Photoshop installed on your machine, take the following steps to edit PDF certificate:

  1. Fire up Photoshop on your machine.
  2. Drag and drop the PDF document to Photoshop as Pages.edit certificate ps 1
  3. Choose the Lasso selection tool and select the certificate contents that you want to replace with.edit certificate ps 2
  4. Right click on the Lasso selection area and choose Content-Aware Fill to remove the texts.edit certificate ps 3
  5. Then click on OK to apply the erasing.edit certificate ps 4
  6. Click on Text tool, add texts to certificate and edit the property.edit certificate ps 5

Marks: Photoshop process PDFs the same way as editing photos, basing on layers, you have to erase the existing texts first, then add a new text layer and edit the certificate.

Free Way to Edit PDF Certificate Online

If you step outside the offline selection, there are online alternatives to edit PDF certificate for free.

As you might have suspected, online PDF certificate editors have limits. Yes, the limits do exist, but if you just want to edit one or two PDF certificates, here is a good and comfortable one to use.

Sejda PDF Editor is an online way of editing PDFs, which allows you to edit text, edit image, fill and edit forms, sign, markup, draw on PDF. It also has 30+ tools helping you convert, resize, create, organize PDF documents. However, you can only free edit PDF certificate up to 200 pages or 50 MB, 3 tasks per hour. Also, if you want to edit PDF certificate with same font and not messing up the formatting, Sejda may disappoint you, int this case, just try Adobe Acrobat.

  1. Upload PDF Certificate to Sejda PDF Editor.
  2. If there are fillable fields, you can edit the text directly.edit certificate online 1
  3. If you want to replace text in the certificate, use the Whiteout tool to erase the texts first, then go to Forms and add text box to edit new texts in the box.edit certificate online 3
  4. Apply the changes and download the certificate to your machine.

Notes: to edit scanned PDF certificate with online free tools, you can try onlineocr or convertio to convert scanned certificate to editable Word first, then edit in Word app and save as PDF.

If you are looking for a PDF certificate editor that you can take full control over, Acrobat will suit you well, it is easy to use and still has plenty to offer, there are video tutorial and busy community forum you can turn to if you need help for specific PDF task.