JFIF, JPEG File Interchange Format, is kinda of the compressed version of the original JPEG file, with less amount of data to facilitate exchange across different systems or programs. JFIF can only be opened with specific programs, to follow a convenient workflow, many users choose to convert JFIF images to PNG format.

Regarding this topic, we collect multiple solutions, including free and batch JFIF to PNG converter software, web-based tools for both Windows and Mac users.

JFIF to PNG Batch Converter (macOS, Windows)

Pixillion Image Converter is a lightweight but solid image converter with batch support, it reads JFIF images on both Mac and Windows PC, and can export as common or uncommon image format. Besides, it reads 50+ different image types and allows basic touch-up, like rotate, flip, resize, add watermark. To have a precise conversion, it provides customization settings, like compression, encoding, PDF merging, etc.

Pixillion Standout Features

  • Read 50+ image formats, common, raw and un common ones
  • Export image as 20+ formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, PDF, PSD, TIFF, SVG, WEBP, etc
  • Editing features: rotate, resize, flip, add watermark
  • Convert in batches
  • Advanced settings: compression, encoding, file merging, etc.

Now, convert your JFIF to PNG in batches on Mac or Windows

  1. Grab a free copy of Pixillion Image Converter, install and open the app.
  2. Add all JFIF images to the app, click on it to preview in the image viewer, all the JFIF images will be read as JPEG in Pixillion.jfif to png pixillion 1
  3. Click on Effects to have a quick edit on your images, if you need this.jfif to png pixillion 2
  4. Select output format as PNG from the dropdown menu, and click on Compression settings to enable 256-color or not.jfif to png pixillion 3
  5. Click on the Convert button to turn JFIF images to PNG in batch.

Free JFIF to PNG Converter (macOS, Windows, Linux)

#1 GIMP (macOS, Windows, Linux)

Reason to use:

  • Free
  • Powerful editing features
  • Read and write various image formats: common, uncommon

Reason not to use:

  • Steep learning curve
  • No batch conversion feature
  • A bit slow to load files, especially large files

GIMP is an open-source image editor with a host of tools to give your images a look you want, it is adobe alike, offering layer tools for fine tuning and precise control. It can export JFIF files to DDS, EPS, GIF, JPG, PNG, PSD, PDF and so on. However, you can only convert one file after another.

Use GIMP to convert JFIF to PNG for free

  1. Grab a free copy of GIMP from its official website, install and run the program.
  2. Drag and drop the JFIF image to GIMP.jfif to png gimp 1
  3. Hover to File>Export.jfif to png gimp 2
  4. Select output as PNG.jfif to png gimp 3
  5. Click Export to turn JFIF to PNG.

#2 Paint (Windows)

Reason to use:

  • Free
  • Windows preinstalled
  • Fast to run on Windows
  • Allow basic editing: crop, add text, rotate, add shape, etc.

Reason not to use:

  • No batch conversion feature

Use Paint to convert JFIF to PNG for free

  1. Right click on JFIF image and open with Paint.
  2. Hover to File>Save As.
  3. Choose output format as PNG.
  4. Click Save to turn JFIF to PNG on Windows 10 for free.

Turn JFIF to PNG Online and Free

Safety is always the major concern when we process files online, no one expects privacy disclosure, spams cluttering our mail box…Taken safety and conversion quality together, Cloudconvert comes out as our best pick.

Speaking of safety, it is the recommended file viewer from Google Drive when you upload some Google-not-support files to Google Drive. If there is any safety issue about this online tool, it won’t be a choice of Google service.

It handles conversions fast and good quality, though there is indeed quality loss. You can use its options to resize, choose quality. And there is one thing weird, the PNG file size may get quite larger than you expect.

Use CloudConvert to convert JFIF to PNG online free

  1. Navigate to cloudconvert.com/jfif-to-png in your web browser.
  2. Drag and drop all JFIF images, wait for uploading.
  3. Click on Settings icon to customize the PNG output file.jfif to png online
  4. Click Convert to export JFIF as PNG.

Save your JFIF in PNG in seconds

For fast and good quality conversion, Pixillion should be your first option. To convert JFIF to PNG free software, try GIMP and Paint, they are proved to be helpful.