TIFF is a high-resolution image format, works as an industry standard to highly maintain the image integrity. Many users may save a document filled with images and texts in TIFF, but later have to convert back to be an editable Word document, trying to edit the contents or for other reasons.

Methods to convert TIFF to editable Word document are various, but not all of them can fit your needs. Partially for users who are just new to this topic may have a preference to online free tools. In this post, you will get to know what are the best online free TIFF to editable Word converters and which tool will bring you a high-quality conversion result.

#1 Convert TIFF to Editable Word with Accurate Result (Mac & Windows)

#2 Convert TIFF to Editable Word Online Free (3 tools)

#3 Is there any 100% free Offline TIFF to Word Converter?

Convert TIFF to Editable Word with Accurate Result (Mac & Windows)

If you have tried online OCR tools, you may give up the idea of using online free tools and want a professional tool to get best result. In this case, you can have a try on PDF Expert or PDF Element.

In fact, I personally give more credits to ABBYY FineReader offline OCR tools, but you have to admit that its price just pushes most of us away, so, if you want an affordable and good-quality TIFF to Word Converter, PDF Expert or PDFElement Pro is a better choice.

TIFF to Editable Word on Mac

PDF Expert have maintained its high ranking and reputation for many years. This year, it adds OCR feature and supports more output formats, which make it the most beautiful and powerful PDF editor for Mac users. It is more than a PDF editor, it can do any kind of PDF tasks.

Main Feature of PDF Expert

  • OCR image and PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML;
  • Create PDF from blank page, Word, Image, etc.;
  • Edit PDF text, image, link;
  • Redact, annotate, protect, add stamp, sign, crop, rotate, extract PDF;
  • Add/delete PDF pages, merge/split PDF files;
  • Export annotation summary;

Steps to Convert TIFF to Word with PDF Expert on Mac

  1. Download and install PDF Expert;
  2. Drag and drop TIFF image to the program;add files to pdf expert
  3. Click Create to save TIFF as PDF first and open in PDF Expert;tiff to word mac 01
  4. Click on Scan & OCR, use the OCR tools and click Recognize Text;tiff to word mac02
  5. Apply OCR result or revise the OCR errors;
  6. Go to Export, choose output as Word;tiff to word mac05
  7. The editable Word document will be auto opened with defaulted Word file viewer.

TIFF to Editabl Word on Windows

You may have heard about PDFElement Pro, the best alternative PDF tool to Adobe Acrobat, though not that powerful as Adobe, it does help users to cope with PDF editing, conversion, creation and management in an efficient way. The greatest benefit of using PDFElement Pro lies in its capability to edit and modify the file in the program even you are not satisfied with the OCR result. It allows users to convert both PDF and images, including TIFF, JPG and PNG to editable word.

Steps to Convert TIFF to Word with PDFElement Pro on Windows

  1. Download and install PDFElement Pro;
  2. Launch the program, go to Create PDF and load your Tiff image into the program;
  3. Go to Convert>OCR, choose as Editable Text and select file language;
  4. Then go to Convert>To Word, and you will be able to convert TIFF to Word document;

pdfelement tiff to word

Convert TIFF to Editable Word Online Free

Frankly speaking, the first time I needed to convert a TIFF image to editable word document, I searched online and did the job with an online TIFF to Word converter. Like many others, I didn’t want to pay anything to convert just one or several files then. So, I just get your point if you want to start with an online free solution to do the conversions.

But before going to the recommended online tools, we’d better have a basic understanding on OCR, the technology that an online free TIFF to Word has added to recognize characters from image-based files and save as editable texts. If you want to make a TIFF file editable, you need to find an online tool with OCR feature, otherwise, you will be just allowed to save the TIFF image in a Word document, leaving the texts still non-editable.

 To save your time, here we pick 3 best online free TIFF to Editable Word converters, basing on following criteria:

  • Safe and clean for conversion

Most of us have a negative impression on online free platforms due to 2 reason, either guiding users to install malware or annoying us with lots of distractive ads. To have a relatively good user experience online, we list those safe and clean platforms for conversion only.

  • Fast conversion

To convert TIFF to editable Word document, there are 3 steps involved, uploading, converting and downloading, each procedure is done online. The conversion speed does have something with Internet connection status, but only those online tools that can process uploading/converting/downloading equally fast can be added to our top list.

  • Accurate conversion

Accuracy is the key in such a conversion, it refers characters and words can be accurately recognized, also means the original formatting can be highly preserved. Though accuracy matters the most, we need to realize that there is no perfect OCR at this moment, even you are using a dedicated OCR program.

No.1 ABBYY FineReader Online


  • Free to use;
  • Highly accuracy, especially the texts can be accurately recognized;
  • Support recognize multiple languages in the same file;
  • Support OCR PDF and image;
  • Export file to 9 editable formats;
  • Save output to cloud storage;


  • Need to register for conversion;
  • Need to manually adjust the file size;
  • 5 files per month and max 100 MB for free conversion;

The OCR Result

As you can see, ABBYY FineReader Online OCR can recognize all the texts from the TIFF image accurately, just a few of buttons cannot be exported as editable texts in the Word document. Also, most of the formatting is preserved, the accuracy is much higher than other online OCR tools. However, the great disadvantage lies in its failure to make the file size in normal A4 size, it is just in a size similar as the original Tiff image.

abbyy fine reader ocr result

Steps to Convert Tiff to Editable Word Document Online Free with ABBYY FineReader

  1. Go to ABBYY FineReader OCR;
  2. Click “Register” to create an account;
  3. Then go back to the OCR page, click “Upload” to add TIFF image for OCR;
  4. Choose file language, you can select 3 languages at the same time if your file is multi-lingual
  5. Choose output as Word DOCX format;
  6. Click “Recognize” to convert TIFF image to Word document online free.

abbyy finder ocr steps

No.2 Online2pdf


  • Free to use;
  • Good OCR result, especially the formatting is highly preserved;
  • Support both PDF and image file;
  • Support various editable output formats;
  • Can create, convert, edit, compress, protect, merge and split PDFs;


  • 20 files and max 150 MB for free conversion;
  • Some texts cannot be recognized;
  • Need to manually adjust the files size;

The OCR Result

As you can see, the headline texts of the TIFF image are still bit image which cannot be recognized as editable texts, also, you can find multiple recognition errors in the Word document. However, the formatting is highly maintained, except the truth that you need to manually adjust the file size to a normal A4 size.

online2pdf ocr result

Steps to Convert Tiff to Word Document Online Free with Online2pdf

  1. Go to Online2pdf;
  2. Add Tiff image for OCR;
  3. Choose output as Word Docx and select file language;
  4. Click “Convert” to save TIFF image as editable Word format;

online2pdf steps

No.3 Convertio


  • Free to use;
  • Good OCR result;
  • Support PDF and virtually all image formats;
  • Support bilingual file;
  • Export file to cloud storage;


  • 10 pages for free OCR;
  • Some texts cannot be recognized and formatting is a little messy;
  • Need to manually adjust the file size to A4.

The OCR Result

In the Convertio OCR result, you can notice that some of the texts are not recognized and the formatting is not highly preserved, you need to manual adjust both the formatting and file size. However, there is no recognition error.

convertio ocr test

Steps to Convert TIFF to Word Document Online Free with Convertio

  1. Go to Convertio OCR;
  2. Drag and drop TIFF image to the program;
  3. Choose file language and select output as Word Docx;
  4. Click “Recognize” to turn Tiff to Word format;

convertio steps

Is There any 100% free Offline TIFF to Word Converter?


Trust me, there is no 100% free offline Tiff to Word software available. I once spent days to find a free good offline program to do the OCR, but only to find that I just downloaded and installed multiple programs with limited features, like you were limited to convert 3 or 5 or 10 pages, or you could only export the image-based file as pure text format, or the output just drove you crazy, you had to modify up to 50% of the file, that was torturing.

So, you are always recommended to free try on a dedicated OCR program, then make your decision to pay or not.


For better or worse, online free TIFF to Word OCR tools are worth a try, especially those on my top list. While, for offline options, you are the one decide which one fits your needs the most, we just have our own particular needs when doing a task.