YouTube is the most popular platform for us to watch and share videos. Sometimes, we need to download a YouTube video for offline but legal use, such as learning from YouTube tutorial videos, doing exercises by following videos from authorities, etc. However, YouTube itself doesn’t allow users to download the videos for free, which makes the YouTube video downloading a relatively tricky problem.

If you are looking for tools to download YouTube videos, you maybe recommended to use Winx YouTube Downloader here or there. Is it really worth a try? To give the answer, here we take a review on Winx YouTube Downloader and reveal 4 facts about it.

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Is Winx YouTube Downloader Safe to Use?

Yes, it is safe.

I downloaded the installer on Winx website. When I finished the downloading, the security program on my Windows 10 reported me it was safe to install and use this tool.

After I have finished the installation, there was no malware or bundled software coming with Winx YouTube Downloader. But before going into the main interface, an ad is prompted.


The interface is clean and safe to continue. The only annoying point maybe the ads. But to me, I can accept, most of software developers put ads on the interface of their products for commercial intentions. There will be 3 places persuading users to try other products from Winx. Of course, if you don’t click on those buttons, there won’t be ads pages triggered.

So, it is totally safe to use Winx YouTube Downloader.

Is Winx YouTube Downloader 100% Free?

Winx YouTube Downloader boasts itself in being the best free choice to download YouTube videos. Some users doubt that it just allows users to download a limited quantity of YouTube videos, if want to download without limitations, you will need to pay. Well, the truth is, it is 100% free.

First of all, Winx YouTube Downloader itself is a standalone and simple program exclusively designed to download YouTube videos, so, there won’t be need for extended features. It is full featured, all the features built in this program are open free to use.

Also, I copied and pasted 15 URLs into the program, it allowed all video analyzing and downloading for 100% free. That’ to say, there won’t be any cost for you to use this program to download a YouTube video.

How Good is Winx YouTube Downloader?

Whether Winx YouTube Downloader worth a try or not, that depends on how good the program it is to download a YouTube video. Here we will talk about its performance in following 4 aspects.


If you have tried other YouTube Downloaders, you must have realized that Winx’s is relatively complicate. There is only 1 interface guiding users to finish the downloading from most of YouTube downloaders, but Winx has 4 toolbars with 2 different interfaces. It has a Settings interface enabling users to customize the output.

the interface
Also, it allows user to clear the downloading list or list of completed tasks. For each video, you can preview in the right panel to make sure you are downloading the right YouTube video.

In my opinion, the interface of Winx YouTube Downloader can be simpler. But it is still good to be easy-to-use.

Analyze Videos

The process of video analyzing is the key to decide if you can download the video successfully or not.

As for the analyzing speed, it took 10s~30s to analyze a 5-minute video, which performs quite ordinary when comparing with other YouTube downloaders. I did another test on a 2-hour match video, I gave up and quit the program for the 1 time when nothing happened after about 10 minutes, but it finally finished the analyzing in only 1 minute for my second trying. The speed of video analyzing will greatly depend on your Internet connection status.

analyze videos
And according to my test, Winx does much better to analyze individual video than that from a YouTube Playlist, since some videos in the playlist is tagged as untitled and there is no meta data can be found.

Since Winx YouTube Downloader supports downloading videos from other 600+ websites, so I did tests to download videos from Facebook and DailyMotion. Still, the video analyzing for these websites is less stable than that on YouTube.

Also, the video analyzing can only be done one by one, it doesn’t support batch processing.

Download Videos

A YouTube video can be analyzed, but it doesn’t mean that the video is assured to be downloaded with success. In my case, one video failed to be downloaded even it has been analyzed successfully.

It is understandable that it takes longer time if the video is large in size, also the download speed is greatly decided by your Internet connection status. Also, Winx doesn’t support batch download.

analyze video with winx

If you want to accelerate the downloading, choose medium video quality for your output, the higher the resolution, the larger the video size is, and the time it takes longer to finish the downloading.


Another way for Winx YouTube Downloader to bring a better user-experience is that, it not only allows users to download online videos in mp4, webm, flv and 3gp format, but also enables users to choose among 6 resolutions.

adjust settings
You are recommended to tweak the settings to start the downloading.

What if Winx YouTube Downloader Won’t Work?

If someone complains that Winx YouTube Downloader just won’t work sometimes, this is never a lie or exaggeration, because this just happened in my tests, either the video could not be analyzed or error occurred when start downloading the video. To kill such a problem, check the following tips:

  1. Clear all tasks and re-paste the URL for processing;
  2. Quit the program and restart to analyze again;
  3. Find alternative URLs for the same video and paste for analyzing or downloading. For example, if Winx won’t analyze a YouTube video, find the same video on DailyMotion or Vimeo, and paste to re-analyze;
  4. Find an alternative to Winx YouTube Downloader for Windows, such as Softorino YouTube Converter 2, Airy, Ummy, Freemake;
  5. Reinstall the program;


So, we can summarize that Winx YouTube Download is indeed free yet full-featured program to download YouTube or other online videos safely. It may fail to do the downloading sometimes, it is worth a try. Especially, you want to download videos in multiple formats or resolutions.