Images are definitely the file type that we need to deal with the most frequently, and there are so many different formats for images, including common ones like JPG, PNG, raw images created from different brands of cameras and additional ones designed to particular industries. We may receive an image that is in the file format we don’t have a viewer for or need to convert for various purposes, such as convert TGA to PNG.

It is true that it is no hard task to convert TGA to PNG, but if you want to do the TGA to PNG conversions in batch and good, you will need a guide. Here are 6 ways for your pick basing on your needs.

What is TGA File?

You may have some TGA files in hand but have no idea why images are just saved in a TGA format, then a little basic knowledge about TGA is shared as following.

TGA, also known as TARGA, is a raster graphic file format developed by Truevision, storing image data with 8, 15, 16, 24 even 32 bits per pixel. And this is why TGA is picked as an ideal format to support high quality and true colors. It is widely used for image synthesis and video editing. You may notice most of the icons, cartoons, games, line drawing, package design use TGA as the prioritized file format.

Best TGA to PNG Batch Converter 2020

A TGA to PNG converter with batch feature is always a joy to use, since most of us need to deal with a bunch of TGA files at the same time, no one expects to do the task one by one with patience gradually exhausted.

Allowing users to batch convert TGA to PNG both on Mac and Windows, BatchPhoto is our 1st pick recommended for you. And it gives more. BatchPhoto is a piece of specialist software to convert, edit, manage and upload virtually all image formats that you may encounter in your whole life, it can preserve the original file quality when conversion, also offer a decent range of output formats.

Main Feature for BatchPhoto Mac & Windows

  • Convert 170+ images;
  • Export image as PDF;
  • Editing images: rename, resize, crop, add effect, rotate, change DPI, replace color, add watermark, comment, add frames or border, etc;
  • Upload and share image to FTP or social accounts;
  • Batch conversion;
  • Preview before conversion;
  • Preserve original image quality;

Steps to Convert TGA to PNG on Mac or Windows

(BatchPhoto offers both Mac and Windows versions, the steps are the same)

  1. Download and install BatchPhoto on your mac;
  2. Click “Add Photos” to import TGA files to the program;You can add single or multiple TGA files, or directly drag and drop a folder to the program;batch tga to png 01
  3. (Optional) Go to “Edit Photos” and edit TGA files before conversion. Click “Add Filter” to choose an editing tool and edit as per your need;batch tga to png 02
  4. Then switch to the Setup interface, choose destination folder, select output format as PNG and configure the settings;batch tga to png 03
  5. Finally, go to Process, the TGA to PNG batch conversion will start and finish pleasingly fast.

Best TGA to PNG Batch Converter Online Free (3 Options)

Yes, I know, you are just in search for an online free TGA to PNG batch converter, because you purely want to open the TGA file and have a glimpse or it is not possible that you will handle more TGA files in the near future. In these cases, we have 3 best online free TGA to PNG batch converter listed for you.

But one thing you need to keep in your mind is that, online free services don’t guarantee 100% info safety, after all, you have to upload your files to the those online servers for conversion.

#1 Onlineconvertfree

The reason why we put onlineconvertfree on the top of this list is due to fast and conversion. Besides images, it also helps to convert video, audio, ebooks, archives and documents


  • Convert image, video, audio, archive, document;
  • Convert fast;
  • Batch convert;


  • Distractive ads on the webpage;
  • Limited file size for free conversion;
  • Limited conversions per day;

Steps to Batch Convert TGA to PNG with Onlineconvertfree

  1. Go to onlineconvertfree TGA to PNG.
  2. Drag and drop TGA files to the website;
  3. Click Download to save individual PNG or Zip to your mac or Windows computer.onlineconvertfree

#2 Zamzar

Zamzar is one of the most popular websites offering free services on file conversion, from video, audio, image, documents, archive to ebooks, it can convert almost all file type.


  • Support converting various file types;
  • Batch conversion;
  • Safe and clean conversion webpage;
  • Upload files from cloud-based service;


  • Limited daily conversions;
  • Wait in line for the conversions to finish;
  • Limited file size;

Steps to Batch Convert TGA to PNG with Zamzar

  1. Go to Zamzar TGA to PNG;
  2. Drag and drop TGA files to the program;
  3. Click “Convert Now” to start the conversion;
  4. Click Download to save the PNG files to your mac or windows computer.zamzar tga to png

#3 Convertio

Comparing to other 2 online batch TGA to PNG converters, Convertio is capable of converting more file types, also offers OCR solutions on image files, however, there are more limitations too.


  • Convert virtually all file types;
  • Support OCR on PDF and images;
  • Fast and batch convert;


  • Total 10 files can be converted for free;
  • Limited daily conversion;
  • Limited file size;
  • Distractive ads on the webpage;

Steps to Batch Convert TGA to PNG with Convertio

  1. Go to Convertio TGA to PNG;
  2. Drag and drop TGA files to the program;
  3. Click “Download” to save the PNG files to your computer.convertio tga to png

How to Convert TGA to PNG with Mac Preview?

For mac users, there is a free way to convert TGA to PNG, using Mac Preview. Is it a little surprised that Mac Preview allows opening and converting TGA files?

(Notes: Preview cannot convert TGA to PNG in batch, you need to do the conversion one by one.)

Steps to Convert TGA to PNG on Mac Free

  1. Open TGA files with Mac Preview;
  2. Then go to File>Export.tga to png preview01
  3. Choose PNG as the output;tga to png preview 02
  4. Then click “Save” to convert TGA to PNG on Mac.

How to Convert TGA to PNG in Adobe Photoshop?

We have known the power of Adobe Photoshop, if you have installed one, use it.

Steps to Convert TGA to PNG in Adobe

  1. Run Adobe Photoshop, drag and drop TGA file for opening;
  2. Go to File>Save as;save as in adobe
  3. Choose PNG as the output format;
  4. Click “Save”, tweak the PNG settings, then click “OK” to save the PNG file.

So, Which One?

In my own case, I need to convert and edit images very often, so I have paid for a specialist software to do this for me, but if you feel this is too much, online free options are solid for you.