If file conversions sound familiar to you, then I guess most of your file conversions focus on images, since there are so many image formats to store the original graphic files, but we choose to keep them in just several commonly-used ones, like JPG, PNG, BMP or others.

You may have a couple of reasons to convert TIFF to PNG, no matter what it is, you surely want to have a lossless conversion. For this reason, we here get you to multiple ways to convert TIFF to PNG without losing quality on Mac or on Windows computer.

(For users who just want an online free option to do the conversion, please jump to part 5)

Best Batch TIFF to PNG Converter Software for Mac and Windows

BatchPhoto is a Mac & Windows bulk image converter, it has a remarkably excellent support on input and output formats, including common, raw and additional ones that not used often. Besides, it offers a set of editing tools to customize your images, like crop, rotate, add watermark, resize, add filters, rename, etc. What’s the most important is, it can convert images, including TIFF to PNG, losslessly.

Support Input

Supported Input Format
Raw Sony, Casio, Canon, Kodak, Epson, Nikon, Olympus, Logitech, Fuji, Leica, Panasonic and virtually all
Others ART, AVS, DCM, EMF, EPI, FAX, FPX, ICO, JNG, MPC, OTB, PALM, PCD, PCL, PIX, PS, RGB, SFW, SVG, XCF and others, total 95 formats

Support Output

Supported Output Format
Others AVS, CIN, CMYK, DCX, DIB, DPX, EPDS, EPI, EPS2, EPS3, EPSF, EPT, FAX, FPX, FITS, GRAY, HTML, PS and others, total 55 formats

How to batch convert TIFF to PNG without losing quality on Mac & Windows?

  1. Install BatchPhoto.
  2. In the Add Photos interface, drag and drop all your TIFF images to the program.batchphoto add
  3. Go to Edit Photos, add filter and customize your TIFF images.batchphoto edit interface
  4. Go to Setup, choose output folder and select PNG as the output. batchphoto mac
  5. Co to Process to start the conversion.
  6. Open and view the PNG files in output folder.

How to Batch Convert TIFF to PNG in Adobe Photoshop

To convert TIFF to PNG with transparent background, Adobe Photoshop is the best choice, it allows users to output the file with preferred parameters, because some users just want to have a professional editing on the PNG file after TIFF-to-PNG conversion.

Adobe Photoshop supports batch converting TIFF to PNG too, but it is a little complicated to go through the whole conversion process:

How to bulk convert TIFF to PNG in Adobe Photoshop?

  1. Open the TIFF image in Adobe Photoshop.batch tiff to png ps 1
  2. Go to Window> Actions.
  3. Create a new folder for TIFF to PNG action, name it as TIFF to PNG or others.batch tiff to png ps 2
  4. Hit the new action icon, rename and click on Record.
  5. Go to File> Save As, choose output as PNG.
  6. Once the Save action is ready, click Stop to finish the recording
  7. Go to File> Automate> Batch.batch tiff to png ps 3
  8. Choose TIFF to PNG action, select TIFF images from a folder, then click OK to batch convert TIFF to PNG.batch tiff to png ps 4

To convert single TIFF to JPG in Photoshop, you can:

  1. Run Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Open TIFF in Photoshop.
  3. Go to File>Save as.jpg to eps ps
  4. Choose output as PNG.
  5. Click Save to convert TIFF to PNG with Photoshop.

How to Bulk Convert TIFF to PNG on Mac?

If you have a Mac and install a version from earlier 10.14 to latest Sonoma, it can be very easy to bulk convert images on your machine, including converting tiff images. The Quick Actions that hidden in the right-clicked menu will help you convert tiff images in batch, to JPEG, PNG or HEIC.

However, the file size of PNG output might be larger than you expect.

  1. Select all tiff images, right click Quick Actions.tiff to png mac 1
  2. Select Convert Image.
  3. Choose PNG as format, click Convert to PNG.tiff to png mac 2

Free TIFF to PNG Converter Software

XnConvert’s batch conversion and rich features makes it the best choice to bulk convert images for free, even though it sacrifices image quality in the conversion. It is a typically designed image converter, importing all images into one place for fast conversion, but it also offers features like resize, flip, rotate, add watermark, edit mask, so on, and set output preferences.

How to batch convert TIFF to PNG free?

  1. Grab a free copy of XnConvert from its official website.
  2. Drag and drop multiple TIFF images to the program.batch tiff to png free 1
  3. Choose output as PNG and adjust the preferences.batch tiff to png free 2
  4. Click Convert to export TIFF images as PNG format in batches.

Any Recommended Online Free TIFF to PNG Converter?

Online free services are definitely one of the greatest bonuses the Internet brings to us, we can use those tools for free, though most of them are limited on features, performance or others, they do help. If we are not that greedy on neither conversion quality, nor having dozens of files to be converted, online free TIFF to PNG converters are fairly competent on this job.

Day after day, we see new online free tools coming into service, but those doing the best conversion jobs never change, here we highly recommend following 3 tools to batch convert your TIFF images.

(Notes: Don’t upload highly confidential TIFF files, to prevent any potential risk of info leaks)

Convert TIFF To Pros Steps
Image.online-convert BMP, PNG, EPS, GIF, HDR, ICO, JPG, PNG, SVG, TGA, WBMP,WEBP Upload files from URL, Dropbox, Google Drive.
Allow adjust optional settings.
Fast conversion.
Download all PNG files in one Zip.
Largely compress TIFF to PNG.
Choose Files>Optional settings>Start conversion>Download PNG
Convertio JPG, SVG, BMP, PSD, GIF, ICO, HDR, DDS, HEIC, WBMP, TGA, total 68 formats Upload files from URL, Dropbox, Google Drive.
OCR TIFF to text.
Choose Files>Convert>Download PNG
Zamzar BMP, PNG, GIF, ICO, JPG, PCX, TGA, WBMP, WEBP Fast conversion. Add Files>Convert Now>Download PNG