Maybe you want to change the texts in an image of your PDF document, hope to turn the texts in an entire image PDF to be selectable and searchable. Whatever the reason, you don’t necessarily to spend a lot of time on this, it can be easy.

You’ve got two options here: use an app built specially for editing texts in PDF image, like Adobe Acrobat or get web tools available as OCR converter.

Option 1: Edit Any Image Texts in PDF with Format

If you want to get serious about editing texts in PDF images, to edit any texts, to add fillable texts, to edit texts with same font or format as others in the image, install one of the dedicated PDF editor apps. Plenty of PDF editor apps offer similar functionality, but no one is better than Adobe Acrobat.

Acrobat has powerful editing tools so you can edit your PDF with full control, and you will find some useful and typical tools, including add, remove, replace, format texts, images, links or fillable fields in PDF. It is a fully-fledged editor, you can manipulate font, font size, color, alignment, all for the texts in your file.

One of its biggest strengths is the support for auto detecting a scanned file and recognizing texts to make them selectable, searchable, even editable.

You can edit any image texts in PDF with formatting in Acrobat as follows:

  1. Grab a free 7-day trial of Adobe Acrobat, install and fire up the app on your machine.
  2. Head to Edit PDF.edit pdf image text adobe 1
  3. It will detect the file is a PDF image and auto start OCR on it to make the texts selectable and searchable. Also you can use the Scan & OCR to recognize texts in other file languages.edit pdf image text adobe 2
  4. Select the texts that you want to edit in the PDF image, use the format options to create a wanted PDF.edit pdf image text adobe 3
  5. Hit Close and Save button to finish the editing.

Option 2: Edit PDF Image Text Free Online

Online OCR programs have long been giving our netizens a good experience in recognizing image texts in a PDF in our web browsers, though they don’t allow users to dive into PDF text editing, we can get a searchable file from these apps and then edit the file in Word or other text processors we can find on our machine.

Edit PDF Image Text Free Online in Google Docs

Google Docs in your Google Drive has an OCR feature you can use to make the texts in your PDF image selectable. Use it, and you can dive into a deep text editing with its plentiful of editing tools. Google Docs OCR feature won’t keep the formatting same as your original file, but it is a good OCR converter plus file editor you can use regularly without paying.

You can edit PDF image texts free online in Google Docs as follows:

  1. Log into Google Drive, upload the file.
  2. Right click the PDF image and open with Google Docs.
  3. Select the texts you want to edit in the image, or use other tools.edit pdf image text free 1
  4. Save or share the file as you want.

Edit PDF Image Text Free Online in Convertio+ MS Word

Convertio is better known as a file converter you would use to convert a host of files for free, including audio, video, image, document. But it also comes with a great OCR converter. One of the biggest reasons to choose Convertio OCR is how accurate it is for OCR. Uploading and adjusting settings is also very straightforward for all of us. But without a sign-up, you can only OCR texts in PDF image for 10 pages.

You can edit PDF image texts free online in Convertio as follows:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Upload the PDF image.
  3. Select file language and select output format as docx.edit pdf image text free 2
  4. Hit Recognize.
  5. Open the selectable image texts with Word app, edit and export as PDF.

Just open up Google Docs or your web browser, you will find tools to edit the texts in a PDF image, but if you want to give your PDF a professional look-edit any texts with same/preferred font, with ideal formatting, there is only one and the best one, Adobe Acrobat, as it does all the tasks and save you time when you need to dive into your PDFs in different styles.