Got a portrait under a solid white color background and want to add a new background? The background is much outshining than your presence or the objects you want to highlight in the photo? Want to turn your normal photos into unique and level up the overall feeling by adding a fantastic background? Or realize the background in your photo doesn’t fit a specific theme? It is time to add or change the background in your photos and turn them into magic.

For years, we’ve been taught to edit photos in Adobe Photoshop, especially when talking about advanced photo editing tasks. But today, we are going to add or change the photo background without Adobe Photoshop. Relax, we got easy ways, even online free solutions to get the job done.

2 Perfect Apps to Add or Change Background in Photo without Adobe Photoshop

We know that Adobe Photoshop is always on the top of photo editing choices, it is doubtless. But why we are still looking for options to edit a photo without adobe photoshop? Because most of us are photo editing beginners who don’t want to spend much time on the Photoshop basics and expertise, we want alternatives that not too high end but do professional jobs with ease. Here we will take a look at Luminar 4 and PhotoPad.

Luminar 4

Luminar 4 is an AI-powered photo editing tool for both beginners and professional, it enhances your photos in an intelligent and content-aware way, via built-in template and looks, adding masks to handle layers, using a rich set of tools and sliders to precisely control the details of your photos. It offers both Mac and Windows edition.

What Luminar 4 Can Offer?

  • AI enhance photos
  • Optimize photos with Luminar looks in one click
  • Layer, canvas and mask tools: add, erase, paint, etc.
  • Essential tools: color, light, b&w conversion, denoise, vignette, AI enhance
  • Creative tools: AI sky replacement, AI augmented sky, sunrays, texture overly, glow, film grain, etc.
  • Portrait tools: remove red eye, slim face, enlarge eyes, improve eyebrows and lips
  • Professional tools: advanced contrast, dodge & burn, color enhancer, photo filter, split toning, etc.
  • Crop, rotate, flip, zoom photos
  • Share photos to Mail or social media accounts
  • Export photos as major file formats
  • Batch process
  • Before & After Preview

Method 1-How to change photo background to solid color without adobe photoshop?

  1. Grab an installer of Luminar 4 and install it.
  2. Click + icon and choose Edit Single Image.change background luminar 1
  3. Choose Essentials>Color on the right side, choose a color from the Hue Shift slider and adjust saturation or luminance.change background luminar 2
  4. Then click on Edit Mask>Brush.change background luminar 3
  5. Choose Erase, adjust the brush size and set opacity to 100%, then erase the background by brushing over the non-background area. In my work, I just need to brush over the portrait area.change background luminar 4
  6. Now, I have added a different color to my photo.change background luminar 5
  7. To handle details, zoom in the photo and switch between erase or paint tool to make the foreground and background seamless.change background luminar 6
  8. Check the before & after result.change background luminar 7
  9. Click File>Export to change the background of your photo.change background luminar 8

Method 2-How to add a background image to your photo?

  1. Grab an install of Luminar 4 and install it.
  2. Click + to add the photo.
  3. Select Layer tool on the right side and choose Add New Image Layer.change background luminar 9
  4. Set the image opacity of newly added layer to low value, so you can see both the foreground and background image.change background luminar 10
  5. Then click on Edit Mask> Brush.change background luminar 11
  6. Choose Erase, adjust brush size and set opacity to 100%, brush over the area where you want to keep as foreground.change background luminar 12
  7. Zoom in the photo, switch between Paint and Erase to show or remove background image.change background luminar 13
  8. Check the Before & After result.change background luminar 14
  9. Go to File>Export and save the photo with new background image added.


PhotoPad has a different look and feel from Luminar 4, but it is another perfect app to change background in a photo in a natural way, with foreground and background contents blending seamlessly.

It is an advanced photo editing tools packed in a simple interface, you can find advanced tools like erase, straighten, select, blur, retouch, also can easily access to basic image-enhancing tools.

What PhotoPad Can Offer?

  • Crop, resize, rotate, straighten, flip images
  • Capture image from webcam or take screenshot
  • Collage images
  • Select images with rectangle, oval, polygon, free form, magnet to fine tune details
  • Color tools: brightness, contrast, exposure, auto levels, color curves, hue, saturation, temperature, tint
  • Add filters
  • Add effects: blur, sharpen, pixelate, vignette, lens distortion, warp
  • Add text, drawings, image, border, etc
  • Retouch photos
  • Share photos online
  • Batch process photos: blur, crop, flip, watermark, resize, etc.

How to change background in photo without adobe photoshop?

  1. Grab an installer of PhotoPad, install it.
  2. Drag and drop the photo to PhotoPad.change background photopad 1
  3. Go to Select, choose Polygon tool to select the original background area and right click on the selection area to delete.change background photopad 2
  4. Get the photo with original background removed, check the details and use other selection tools, like Magnet to remove in details.change background photopad 3
  5. Then choose a background solid color or an image background from the right-sided Background options. You can add white color as background or import your own image as the background.change background photopad 4
  6. Head to File>Save.change background photopad 5

2 Ways to Add or Change Background in Photo Online Free

I am the type to seek online free options first when I have some documents to work with, but I don’t give much credit to online free photo editors, because the edited photos come with a watermark or ask you to upgrade to the premium version when you need to do some professional editing, like retouch, blur, remove some objects. But speaking of adding or changing background in a photo online free, 2 of those online free background changer tools do change my point of view, though there are limits, they do help.


It is a web based tool to add and change background in a photo with available image templates, solid colors, even your uploaded image.


  • Download output image up to 0.25 megapixels only, which degrade your original image quality
  • Cannot resize or move the foreground picture to make the photo natural
  • Cannot recognize background from a landscape photo sometimes

Steps to add or change background in photo online free

  1. Navigate to in your web browser.
  2. Click Upload Image to import your photo.change background online 1
  3. Your photo with background removed is opened, then click on Edit tool.change background online 2
  4. Choose a background image or a solid color from the templates, preview the result. You can add white background color or other solid colors, or select a template, even upload your own image as the background.change background online 3
  5. Click Download button to save the photo with background changed to your disk.change background in photo online 5

Another photo background changer tool runs in your web browser. Though it doesn’t offer background templates, you can add or change the photo background to solid color, to your own image. Also, you can resize or replace the foreground or background image to make your output natural. It doesn’t allow downloading full quality result for free, but the low resolution result is quite OK, you can upload and check first before paying for it.


  • No background templates available
  • Max image size 10MB
  • Max image resolution 4.2 megapixels
  • Full & high image quality results require a purchase

Steps to add or change background in photo online free

  1. Navigate to in your web browser.
  2. Click Upload image to import your photo.change background online 6
  3. Choose background color or upload your own image.change background online 7
  4. Click on Foreground or Background tool to resize and replace the image to make the output natural in look.change background online 8
  5. Click on the blue download icon to save the photo to your disk.change background online 9