PDF has worked as the standard file format for a long time, it is easy to delete a page from PDF. But if you just switched from Windows PC to Mac and want to delete pages from pdf on a mac, you may need a short instruction. Here we list 4 methods and all are easy yet efficient.

#1 Delete Pages from PDF with Mac Preview

Speaking of managing PDF files on Mac, we cannot miss Preview. It is the free productivity tool coming with macOS to manage image-based files like PDF and images. It is not a file editor but embeds in some quite basic tools, including delete, split, merge, protect, unlock, annotate, print, crop, zoom, etc. Also, it can open Microsoft Office files easily.

How to Delete Pages from PDF with Mac Preview?

  1. Right click on the PDF file to open with Preview;
  2. Make sure the Thumbnails are displayed on the left of Preview interface.                                                There are 2 options to display Thumbnails: Go to “View Menu”, click on Thumbnails to make sure it is checked; Or go to View, click on Thumbnails to make sure it is checked.        show thumbnail
  3. Then click on the Thumbnail of the page you want to delete. To delete multiple pages that are contiguous (next to each other), choose the first page, then press and hold “Shift” key to select all contiguous pages; To delete multiple pages that are not contiguous (not next to each other), choose the first page, then press and hold “Command” to select all wanted pages;
  4. Then go to Edit>Delete to delete pages from pdf on mac.

delete pages in preview

Why can’t delete pdf pages in preview?

When deleting pages from pdf with mac Preview, there appears a frequently asked question “Why can’t I delete pages in Preivew”, this can be caused by following situations.

  • The Thumbnails are not displayed

The Thumbnails are displayed for users to select the pages you want to delete, if you cannot select, you won’t be allowed to delete.

Check if your Preview display files in this way, there is no sidebar to display Thumbnails.hide sidebar

If yes, go to View>Thumbnails. Then you will find the thumbnails are listed on the left sidebar, now you can select thumbnails of pages and the “Delete” function is activated.

  • Not clicking on the Thumbnails before deleting

Make sure your last step in Preview is to click on the Thumbnails, instead of any other area on the PDF contents. Otherwise, the Delete function is gray and not activated.not click on sidebar

In this case, click back on the selected Thumbnails, then go to Edit>Delete.

  • Preview runs into a problem

If you have tried above 2 methods but still failed to delete pdf pages in mac Preview. You will need to check if your Preview is updated to the latest.

Launch Preview, go to Preview> About Preview, you will find your Preview version. If it is not the newest version, go to App Store on your mac for software update.

#2 Delete pages from pdf in Adobe

Adobe should be another top solution to delete pages from pdf on mac following Mac Preview. After all, Adobe is the creator of PDF file format and its authority to offer PDF solutions has continued so many years.

Can I Delete Pages from PDF in Mac Free Adobe Acrobat Reader

Very often, I was asked if the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for mac could delete pages from PDF. The answer is NO!

Deleting pages is one part of Adobe’s PDF editing feature, which requires a paid subscription from users. If you want to delete PDF pages in Adobe, you need to buy its Adobe Acrobat.adobe reader cannot delete pdf pages on mac

How to Delete Pages from PDF in Mac Adobe Acrobat?

For users who have installed and subscribed the Adobe Acrobat, the steps to delete pages from PDF in Adobe are quite similar to that using Preview.

  1. Launch Adobe Acrobat and open the PDF file on your mac;
  2. Go to View>Show/Hide>Navigation Panes>Page Thumbnails;
  3. Select the Thumbnails of a page or multiple pages;
  4. Then click the Delete button to remove PDF pages on mac in Adobe.delete pages in adobe

#3 Delete Pages from PDF on Mac Online

There are several programs online helping remove PDF pages for free, and here are 2 among them are indeed worth a try.


In fact, Sejda offer a series of tools to work on PDF files: edit, convert, create, compress, fill&Sign, Merge and Split. All are free to use.

My favorite part of using Sejda to remove PDF pages lies in that it allows me to choose multiples (contiguous or non-contiguous) for deleting, so I don’t have to delete one page by one page.

  1. Go to sejda;
  2. Click “Upload PDF files” to add your PDF file, also you can add from Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive/Web Address(URL);
  3. Once all the PDF pages are displayed, choose the page and click the Delete button to remove. Also, you can go to “More options” on the bottom to select multiple contiguous or non-contiguous pages for removal.sejda
  4. Once ready, click the “Apply changes” to start deleting PDF pages;
  5. Then download the ready PDF to your Mac or Google Drive, Dropbox and others.sejda02


  • Potential risk of information leakage by uploading files online;
  • Free delete up to 200 pages or 50MB;
  • 3 Free tasks per hour;

2. ilovepdf

Another online free platform to manage PDF files, you can utilize its free services to edit, merge, split, compress, convert, create, protect and unlock PDFs.

It is quite convenient for user to remove PDF pages with ilovepdf, since you are allowed to selecting multiple pages for removal at one time, you just need to click on the pages.

  1. Go to ilovepdf;
  2. Click “Select PDF file” to upload your PDF;
  3. Then choose the pages you want to delete, there will a “X” appear. Or you can directly fill the page range on the right panel;ilovepdf
  4. Once ready, click “Remove pages” to start deleting PDF pages on mac;
  5. Once finishes, the PDF file will be downloaded automatically, choose the output to save the PDF file.ilovepdf02


  • Potential risk of information leakage;
  • It takes some time to delete PDF pages;

#4 Other Software to Delete PDF Pages on Mac

Besides Adobe, there is other software available to delete PDF pages on mac, but there few free PDF readers allow for deleting, we will need PDF editors.

  1. Foxit PhantomPDF (Mac & Windows)
  2. PDFElement (Mac & Windows)
  3. PDFExpert (Mac, iPhone & iPad)


Personally, I think Preview is the best way to delete pages from PDF on Mac, it is free and carries basic features to manage a PDF. As for the PDF editor, it is only highly recommended when you need to work on PDFs very often due to its high price.