The day before yesterday, my best friend Jennie was complaining how troublesome it was to add some new images to a PDF, she had to find the original Word document, insert the pictures in Office Word, then save as PDF. Even, during this course, she added wrong pictures and needed to repeat this process for several times.

I was shocked, because I’ve never thought that such a task means so many troubles to others. So, here we will talk about 3 ways to add image to PDF on mac, with or without Preview.

Easiest Way to Insert Image to PDF on Mac

To insert images to a PDF on mac, you need grab a PDF tool with editing features, which allows you to edit, add and delete the images. In the field of PDF editing, Adobe Acrobat is still and will dominate for quite a long time ahead, though there are more and more Adobe Acrobat alternatives. It’s pitiful that most of those Adobe alternatives cannot match Adobe but still have a high price. Maybe it’s time we should cast our look to those compact PDF editors, like Movavi PDF Editor.

Honestly, Movavi PDF Editor doesn’t offer features as rich as Adobe, but it covers all adds-on you will need to edit and convert a PDF, at a very low price.

What Movavi PDF Editor Offers:

  • Edit images in PDF: add, delete, rotate, resize
  • Edit PDF texts: add, delete, modify
  • Add signature to PDFs
  • Organize PDF pages: add, delete, merge
  • Create PDF from blank page, Word, Exel, PowerPoint, ePub, DJVU, Image, etc.
  • Export PDF as Word, ePub, HTML, TXT and Image

Let’s Insert Image to PDF on Mac Easily

  1. Grab a copy of Movavi PDF Editor and intall it on your Mac, open the App.
  2. Drag and drop the PDF file to Movavi.add image to pdf movavi
  3. Go to Edit>Image, add the images you want to insert to the PDF.add image to pdf mac01
  4. Then move and resize the image according to your need.add image to pdf mac03
  5. Once ready, go to File>Save, the picture has been inserted to your PDF on Mac.add image to pdf mac04


To replace an existing image in PDF, delete it, then add a new picture to the PDF file.

Insert Picture to PDF on Mac Online Free

Also, I want to share with you another free yet effective solution to insert image to PDF on mac, using online free PDF Editor. Both PDFBuddy and PDFescape work, but I give more credits to PDFescape, because it doesn’t require a signup to add images, while PDFBuddy requires.

Main Features of PDFescape

  • Insert Text, Image, Link, Form Filed, Whiteout, Freehand to PDF
  • Annotate PDF
  • Manage PDF pages: move, rotate, delete, append, crop
  • Download edited PDFs
  • Print PDF
  • Encrypt PDF

Let’s Insert Image to PDF on Mac Online Free

  1. Navigate to PDFescape Online.
  2. Choose upload PDF>Drag PDF to import your PDF.add image to pdf mac online01
  3. Choose Insert>Image, upload the picture you want to add to PDF.add image to pdf mac online02
  4. Click and drag on page to insert the image, you can delete, duplicate or adjust the image settings.


You can only add a new image and replace the original one, you cannot delete existing images in the PDF.

Add Image to PDF with Mac Preview for Free

Also, I know there are a part of mac users expect to edit PDF and image files with Preview only, they are not ready yet to add any 3rd party PDF tools to their mac. Yes, Preview supports inserting image to PDF, but only insert image to PDF as an individual PDF page, instead of adding image to PDF as an object. If you don’t mind, you can follow our steps to add image to PDF for free with Mac Preview.

Let’s Add Picture to PDF on Mac for Free

  1. Open PDF with Preview.
  2. Go to Edit>Insert>Page from File.add image to pdf mac01
  3. Add the image to PDF.add image to pdf mac02
  4. Go to File>Save.

In Summary

There are greater chances that you will end this problem with a paid PDF tool, but if you are hesitate to pay, try the free solutions first. The one solves your problem is the best one, not always the paid one.