To create a picture-in-picture video, for example a Youtube reaction video, we use the video overlay effect. To put a video on another video or put a video in the corner of another video, we have 3 easy ways.

No.1 Use Video on Video Overlay App

We pick Movavi Video Editor Plus.

It is a solid paid option to create and edit videos on Windows PC and Mac, you can find a list of its features as following. Regarding its video-on-video overlay effects, there are 10 templates:

  • Picture in picture: overlay video at any corner or position
  • Logo: overlay video with defaulted position and size for adding logo
  • Overlap: put the video completely over the main video at selected point
  • Side by side: overlay the video on the left/right/top/bottom of another video
  • Trio: put 3 videos in the same frame, left, center or right

In a nutshell, you can overlay a video on another video at any position with any size by using Movavi Video Editor Plus.

Movavi Video Editor Plus Features

  • Create quick video with templates
  • Edit and enhance videos: rotate, trim, crop, stabilize, highlight, overlay pic or video, etc.
  • Add audio, text, watermark, filter, transition, sticker, animation, to video
  • Record and edit audio clips: extract, loop, fade in and out, remove noise, sync
  • Expansion effect packages
  • Convert video to high quality video or audio formats
  • Share videos online

Check out the steps to overlay a video on another video with Movavi

  1. Grab a free copy of Movavi Video Editor Plus, install and open the application.
  2. Drag and drop both the foreground and background video to Movavi Timeline. You can set the video length and move the clip to the position where video overlay effect is applied.overlay video on video movavi 1
  3. Select the video clip you want to overlay to another video, click on the More Tools icon on the left side, choose Overlay and pick an overlay effect. To put a video in the corner of another video, you can choose Picture in Picture or Logo template.overlay video on video movavi 2
  4. Move and resize the overlay video frame.overlay video on video movavi 3
  5. Then click on the blue Export button to finish overlaying video on another video.over;ay video on video movavi 4

No2. Overlay Video on Video Online (Free, Watermark Free)

We finally pick Kapwing, the only one video editor not adding a watermark to created videos online for free. It allows overlaying a video onto another video at any position with fill or lock ratio settings.

Kapwing Features

  • Edit: adjust speed, resize, rotate, crop, flip
  • Add text, image, audio, elements
  • Animate videos
  • Add effects
  • Record screen
  • Overlay effect: fill or lock ratio

Check out the steps to do video on video overlay online free without watermark.

  1. Navigate to Kapwing in your web browser, login in.
  2. Upload the main video you want to set as background video online.
  3. Then click on Upload button on the top left-hand corner to add the video you want to overlay to the background video.overlay video on video online 1
  4. Next, drag the corner of the overlay video frame to resize it, or move it to change the position to put in the corner or other places, you can lock the ratio or fill to add overlay effect.overlay video on video online 2
  5. Then click on the red Export Video button on the top right-hand corner.
  6. Wait for the processing, then click the Download icon to save video with overlay effect.

No3. Overlay Video on Video in iMovie (Mac Only)

iMovie, is the last free tool to access to full features on video editing and offer upgrade versions. It does video on video overlay, however, only mac users can benefit from this tool, unless you got a virtual program to run macOS on your Windows PC.

Check out the steps to overlay video on video with mac free iMovie

  1. Open iMovie application on your mac.
  2. Drag and drop the 2 videos to iMovie timeline. overlay video on video imovie1
  3. Select the video clip you want to overlay to another, then click on the Video Overlay Settings button, choose Picture in Picture effect.overlay video on video imovie 2
  4. Resize the overlay video frame by dragging the corner, adjust the overlay settings with tools on the top of the video preview.
  5. Go to File>Share>File to finish the video overlay effect.