Maybe you want to clear all fields in a PDF form to re-fill , here are 2 ways to make them vanish.

How to Add Clear/Reset Form Button to PDF Easily

Before you roll up your sleeves and manually clear all the entered texts in the PDF form fields, you should know that there is professional app designed for easy form resetting with just one click, or to be specific, to clear form by adding a reset form button.

In Adobe Acrobat, we can make this super easily.

Fill & Sign and Prepare Form are 2 great features of Acrobat to dive into PDF forms, they lets users to fill out PDF form, convert flat PDF to fillable PDF form, add/delete/edit form fields, collect and distribute form data, calculate in form and so on. The Prepare Form tool has the best solution to blitz data in a PDF form, also you can add Print, Submit, Radio, List, Drop down list button to PDF with different actions enabled: open a file, open a link, play media, read article, reset form, hide filed, submit form and so on.

To begin the resetting process in Adobe Acrobat, you need to get a copy of it. You can get started with the 7-day free trial, but the monthly or yearly subscription will surely make your PDF easily and freely manipulated anytime and anywhere.

Here is how to add reset form button to PDF:

  1. Get a free copy of Adobe Acrobat, install and fire up the app on your Mac or Windows machine.
  2. Open the PDF form in Adobe Acrobat.
  3. Head to Tools>Forms & Signatures>Prepare Form.reset form adobe 1
  4. Click on the OK button, create and drag the blue button to the place where you want to add a Reset form button.reset form adobe 2
  5. Double click on the button and open Button Properties dialog box. Go to General, Appearance, Position, Options to set up the button. You can add a label to the button in Options.reset form adobe 3
  6. Head to Actions tab, set Trigger as Mouse Up, set Actions as Reset a from. Then click Add.reset form adobe 4
  7. Preview the reset button, then click Close and hit Save button to add the reset button to your PDF.reset form adobe 5

How to Clear All PDF Form Data Online without Paying

Our web is becoming more and more accommodating, with just a web browser or tools built in a web browser, people can clear a PDF form without installing and paying for any software. We have no perfect option online, because they ask users to manually remove each form field one by one, but there are several free options that make PDF clearing still a little bit easier.

Clear PDF Form in Google Chrome for Free

We can open, fill, print and export PDF files in Google Chrome, including clearing PDF form fields.

  1. Open PDF in Google Chrome by dragging and dropping to a new tab.reset form chrome 1
  2. Use Delete or Backspace on your keyboard to delete the texts in all form fields.reset form chrome 2
  3. Hit the download button and choose to download with your changes. All form fields are cleared in the PDF.reset form chrome 3

Clear PDF Form Online without Paying

Many websites can reset a PDF form and do the job easily. Take PDFescape, one of the best website to fill and edit PDF forms on the web.

Other sites let you edit PDF as well, however, PDFescape tends to frown on this, it focus more on PDF markup and page manipulation.

  1. Navigate to in your web browser. Upload the file.reset form online 1
  2. Wait for the PDF to be imported.
  3. Use Delete or Backspace on your keyboard to delete all the form fields one by one.reset form online 2
  4. Hit the Save&Download button to save the file with all fields cleared.reset form online 3

At the time of writing, we don’t find many websites to auto reset a PDF form like Adobe Acrobat. If you want to pass Acrobat, you will need to spend some time on clearing all fields one by one.