Over the past few years PDF editing tools have gotten more advanced, as our needs become increasingly diverse, especially on PDF form editing. We might need to create a fillable PDF form with submit button, in order to email or collect form data on a server.

Notice Write Before the Solutions

It is always tempting to use an online free PDF tool. There are so many web-based tools, but nearly all of them can meet basic PDF editing needs only, they become useless when dealing with advanced PDF editing, like adding submit button to a PDF.

That is to say, we don’t have a good online free option to create fillable PDF form with submit button to email, a 3rd party PDF software is mandatory. But if you insist adding PDF submit button online, go to the last part and try sodapdf.

Pretty much everyone knows Adobe Acrobat, which has incredible collection of tools and features to work on a PDF, it is always the best rated PDF editor on the market and actually it has proved that. Therefore, in this guide, we will mainly focus on the method of using Adobe Acrobat to add submit button to a PDF form. But if you want to do without Adobe Acrobat, we recommend an alternative and an online tool.

Create Fillable PDF Form with Submit Button to Email in Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat offers all tools and features you will need for your PDF files:

  • Create PDF from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others
  • Split and combine PDF Files
  • Organize pages
  • Edit PDF texts, images, links, buttons, fileds, media, objects, anything in it
  • Export PDF
  • Scan and OCR
  • Create form, fill form, prepare form
  • Sign, stamp, protect, redact
  • Compare, flatten, measure PDF

Not just adding submit button to PDF form, Adobe Acrobat allows adding checkbox, radio button, dropdown list, Print or Clear button, image field, barcode or others as well.

“Pricey” is not a reason to turn users off from using Adobe Acrobat subscription anymore, it has a more flexible pricing plan, from $12.99 to $29.99/month for Standard & Pro. You can cancel the subscription anytime.

How to create fillable PDF form with submit button to email in Adobe Acrobat?

  1. Get a 7-day free trial copy of Adobe Acrobat Pro, install and fire up the app.
  2. Go to Tools>Prepare Form, select the PDF file you want to create as PDF form.add submit button adobe 1
  3. Add text boxes if you want to insert new form fields.
  4. Then click the OK button to add a submit button in a preferred location.add submit button adobe 2
  5. Open the properties panel, in the Actions tab, go to Select Action>Submit A Form>Add.submit form email adobe 1
  6. Enter mailto:email address into Enter a URL for this link if you want to add a submit button to PDF to email, or enter the URL if you want to send the file to a web server. Click OK.submit form email adobe 2
  7. Hit Save.

Create Fillable PDF Form with Submit Button to Email without Acrobat

If Adobe Acrobat is just not what you want, then Foxit PDFPhantom is likely going to be a better fit. There is no big difference on the price, but it has a different workflow, it is more like Microsoft Word.

Foxit PDF editor has similar tools and mechanic to create a PDF form with Submit button:

  1. Get a free trial of Foxit PhantomPDF, install and fire up the app on your machine.
  2. Open the PDF you want to create as PDF form in Foxit.
  3. Head to Form, run Form Filed Recognition to prepare your PDF as fillable PDF.
  4. Then head to Form>OK button. Add the submit button to your PDFcreate form submit email foxit 1
  5. Open properties, head to Actions, select Submit a form>Add as follows.create form submit email foxit 2
  6. Choose E-mail address from submit to, and enter the email address, click OK.create form submit email foxit 3
  7. Save the file.

Add A Submit Button to PDF to Email or Send to Server Online

In the “Notice Write Before the Solutions” at the beginning of this guide, we said sodapdf lets users add submit button to PDF online. But as a full-featured PDF editor online, it doesn’t come as free, you can edit the files as you like, but if you want to save the changes and download the edited file, you have to pay for each 1 file or get its pro access with monthly or yearly fee.

How to add a submit button to PDF online:

  1. Navigate to sodapdf.com/pdf-editor/ in your web browser.
  2. Upload the PDF file.
  3. Head to Forms>Button.add submit button online 1
  4. To add a submit button to PDF for email, choose Email and enter the address; to add a submit button to PDF and send to a web server, choose Submit and enter the URL.add submit button online 2
  5. Hit Save, and pay to download the file with a submit button added to the PDF file.

The Bottom Line

Maybe you don’t fancy paying out for a 3rd party software, but to create a fillable PDF form with submit button to email or send, we don’t have an open source option. Acrobat, Foxit and Sodapdf are the best options, it won’t be a waste of time to try any one of them.