Last year 2023 marked the rise of AI and countless of tech individuals or companies are still working hard to make breakthroughs in this year 2024. When casting our looks into the industries that relates to PDFs, featuring AI tools in a PDF program has become the trend. Adobe Acrobat is not the only one that uses AI to handle PDFs, there comes a lot of AI reader, editor, summarizer, translator, chatbot, converter, etc. In this article, we will probe into this and pick the best AI PDF reader that you should never miss in 2024.

Is there an AI that will read a PDF?

AI is controversial and you might have heard that some big AI giant is pushing back against lawsuits, for the reason that their AI is illegally trained for some copyrighted contents. And it is anticipated that those AI giants will face the biggest legal tests in 2024. But we have to admit that, AI brings a lot benefits to PDF users. We can now use AI to chat with our files, make it read, translate and summarize for us, if offers a substantial productivity boost for our PDF working.

So, yes, there is an AI reading a PDF for us, which provides a great help for those people with visual impairment. When searching Google high and low, you may find a lot of AI PDF tools, but which one to choose and why to choose, we will answer all the questions for you.

The best AI PDF reader to use offline

There are many AI PDF readers across different platforms, and there will be more. To make out selections of the best ones, we paired our testing with authoritative reviews & users’ feedback on Internet, we also kept versatility and pricing in mind. Among so many AI PDF viewers, our pick finally goes to the 3 as follows, and you will find a lot of good reasons.

No 1. Adobe Acrobat

On Feb 20th, 2024, Adobe brought AI Assistant to its Reader and Acrobat, a powerful generative AI engine to summarize, comprehend, chat, answer questions, search, format in a PDF file, and these AI tools can be used with Word, PowerPoint, transcripts and so on. Now with its new AI feature, Adobe Acrobat becomes more powerful.

When you think of a PDF reader or editor, Adobe Acrobat typically come to mind. It offers all the features, tools and options you might want to use for your PDFs: create, export, edit, review, share, protect, sign, OCR, form… Keeping formatting, ultimately, the core advantage of using Acrobat. Importing the file to this app, it won’t change the original look and will match the newly entered texts to the original one precisely.

The pricing plan is more flexible now, you are just spending a reasonable amount of money on the peace of mind that comes with getting a trusted big brand.


No 2. UPDF

We’ve had a great experience in our testing of UPDF. It’s simplicity, rich features and efficient AI tools recommending this lightweight PDF editor to anyone who needs a lot of PDFs to work. The level of its editing tools can be used for many occasions: edit texts, add images, insert links, markup, annotate, watermark, sign, fill form, also edit background/header/footer/page, etc.

It is more than a AI PDF reader, it can also summarize PDF, translate PDF, explain and rewrite a PDF with AI. You can chat with the PDF to get a task done in the shortest time, also ask anything from your PDF to be super productive. Two features have impressed us with this AI PDF reader: the ease at which it allows you to edit and interact with your file, and how affordable an AI PDF reader with full editing tools can be. If you have a lot of PDFs to work and want to quickly edit a PDF file, this AI PDF reader will be incredibly helpful.


No 3. PDFelement

PDFelement is a full-featured PDF editor created by a Chinese software company, which aims to become the best alternative to Adobe Acrobat. Though it costs more than UPDF and other AI PDF readers, it has more features and higher quality that justify the price. It offers advanced and smooth tools that allow users to edit a file with full control, users can edit texts, images, shapes, sizes, colorsupd, font styles, watermarks, form fields, virtually anything in the PDF. Also it can convert, OCR, esign, create, organize, protect, and batch process files with ease. You will be able to edit a PDF as easily as editing in Word.

From its secondary toolbar of Tools, there accommodates the AI tools, helping users to chat and ask a PDF, to summarize and export a PDF, to translate and to rewrite a PDF. Users are also allowed to customize the AI prompts to have the AI serve as you like.


No 4. WPS

WPS is a free PDF/Word/Excel/PowerPoint reader, but if you want to edit a file and access to its AI feature, you have to pay. Comparing with UPDF and PDFelement, WPS integrates AI more seamlessly to create contents, you can create a resume, blog, letter and so on from its template, you can also summarize documents, read and chat with PDFs, even do OCR on scanned files.

It looks like Microsoft Office suite, carries a lot of features and options as much as in Office. That said, it is an intuitive AI PDF reader and editor, if working in Office suite is regular, WPS will be arguably the most suitable app to handle your PDFs.


The best AI PDF reader to use online

We often recommend offline AI PDF readers for their better stable performance and their unlimited ability to handle different kinds of PDFs. However, not all of us should use those options: some of us want to save money on a AI PDF reader, and some want o work with a PDF online anywhere. If this is the case for you, there are 2 best online AI PDF readers to try in 2024.


This AI PDF reader allows users to chat with PDF and understand images in the file, you don’t have to sign up, but without a signup, you will be able to create 1 free conversation per day. It responds quickly and accurately.

In addition, this web AI PDF reader also support reading and chatting with a TXT, PPT, EPUB, even a RTF file.


This AI PDF reader is powered by Open AI ChatGPT, users have to sign up to create free conversations. You can ask anything from the PDF, with a question up to 1000 charactoers. Also it allows users to take a screenshot of the PDF to ask a question.

More, it can rotate, select, scroll vertically/horizontally, change view mode to enhance the AI experience.


Most PDF users like AI readers that come with editing tools because they need to deal with PDFs from time to time, which is why offline AI PDF viewers are especially appealing to us. We are also impressed that online AI readers can interpret and understand a PDF file so accurately. If the pricing isn’t a dealbreaker, there is no reason to say no to a fully-featured AI PDF reader that works offline.