Converting images is one the most basic tasks on the Internet today, we need to change the format of an image file for uploading, sharing, adding to new projects, for example, converting BMP to PNG. One second you think it is very easy to do so, but later to realize you may need a dedicated tool to convert BMP to PNG lossless, or with transparency.

Here, we will explore a few different ways on BMP to PNG request that work on Windows 11, 10, macOS Monterey, Big Sur and so on.

  1. Batch Convert BMP to PNG Lossless on Windows and Mac
  2. How to Convert BMP to Transparent PNG without Photoshop
  3. Several Converters for BMP to PNG Online Free

Batch Convert BMP to PNG Lossless on Windows and Mac

In fact, we have tools that built into our operating systems to convert BMP images, but if you want to convert in batches and without losing image quality, we need a big-name converter with advanced algorithm to keep the quality, like BatchPhoto.

BatchPhoto—our pick for the best batch BMP to PNG converter, comes with a great combination of features, compatibility and price. Look at its support for input and output formats, it covers nearly all image types we might use in our daily life or work. Even better, it comes with Edit features, including Crop, Rotate, Flip, Watermark, Add filter, Resize, allowing us to enhance an image and convert after we get an ideal image input. It has Windows and Mac versions.

There is one more thing that set BatchPhoto apart from others, the output settings, which is used to customize output file, like compress, merge, bit color, etc.

Image resolution often loses during a conversion, but BatchPhoto put an intense focus on conversion quality in the past years, it can preserve original image quality as much as possible, but the final quality depends on the output type that uses lossless or lossy compression.

To batch convert BMP to PNG lossless on Windows or Mac as follows:

  1. Grab a free copy of BatchPhoto, install it on your machine, run the app.
  2. Drag n drop multiple BMP images to BatchPhoto, preview them with the built in viewer by clicking on thumbnails.bmp to png batch 1
  3. Click on Edit Photos to edit the BMP images if needed.bmp to png batch 2
  4. Pick PNG as output in the Setup window.bmp to png batch 3
  5. Click Convert.

How to Convert BMP to Transparent PNG without Photoshop?

PNG is used to store transparent images, if you want to convert BMP to transparent PNG, you may have already though of using Photoshop, but you haven’t had it installed and not planning to subscribe at this moment. Then try another easy tool, Movavi Picverse Photo Editor.

Picverse has a great feature that makes it worth a try: AI powered. By applying AI, Picverse is able to detect background accurately, then remove it and make your photos transparent as the way you like. Picverse is the easiest photo editor right now, in my opinion. It has a large range of filters, layer editing tools, it lets you

  • AI enhance photos
  • Offer basic editing tools: transform, resize, adjust light/color
  • Offer creative tools: add image, text, background, effects, etc.
  • Retouch photos
  • Erase and paint
  • Offer 4 selection tools

To convert BMP to transparent PNG as follows:

  1. Grab a free copy of Picverse on your Mac or Windows machine.
  2. Drag and drop the BMP image onto Picverse to open the image. You can click Adjust to enhance the photos automatically.bmp to transparent png 1
  3. Then click on the 4th Change Background button and remove background automatically.bmp to transparent png 2
  4. Head to File>Save As.
  5. Choose output as PNG and change the advanced settings if you’d like to.bmp to transparent png 3

Several Converters for BMP to PNG Online Free

A host of online free image converters help convert BMP to PNG too. These tools are browser-based, easy to use, free of charge. Options include:

Convertio: it converts video, audio, document, photo, compressed archive, ebooks, supports OCR, it can 2 files per time, the maximum file size is 100MB.

Cloudconvert: it converts archive, audio, document, ebook, image, video, compresses PDF and images, merges PDF, takes screenshot, it can bulk convert files, but the conversion speed is slow.

Zamzar: it convert document, image, audio, video, ebook and archive, also it convert and create PDF files. It can convert images with good quality, but you can convert 2 files per day for free.

These websites are reliable, you can trust them and bookmark for frequent use.

You can navigate to these websites in your web browser, upload your BMP images and start the conversion process by clicking on Convert button. When the conversion finishes, you will be allowed to download the PNG images.

Convert Your Images Now-And Share Your Thoughts

It is easy to go the wrong direction if we don’t find ourselves a suitable tool, so have a try on the tools we tested and picked for you, convert your images now and share with anyone in need that which is the best tool for BMP to PNG conversion.