For years, the hardest part of storing pictures on our machine was making them smaller in size, JPG got it solved. Later, recognizing text from JPG photos became a real problem, but now, it is not a problem at all.

Here we’ll look at several options to recognize text from JPG and convert it to searchable PDF file. You might feel interested in free solutions to convert JPG to searchable PDF, then don’t miss our guide.

Convert JPG to Searchable PDF and Keep Format

It is easy to find a program to convert JPG to searchable PDF, as long as it features OCR, but not all of them can keep format—and in fact, most of them are no exception. Luckily, Acrobat lets you tailor its OCR tool to be suitable for all kinds of JPG files and preserves format. There are some configurations worth looking at in Acrobat OCR:

Quick OCR: it recognize texts in JPG very fast, as long as you start the process, it finishes the recognition in seconds or within 1 minute even for long JPG texts.

Accurate OCR: it recognize texts accurately and there is Enhance tool offered to optimize the JPG file, to adjust deskew, remove background, descreen, sharpen texts, prepare your files under best condition for OCR.

Revise OCR: after the OCR, you can check if there is any error by clicking on Correct Recognized Text.

Export As Other Format after OCR: You can extract the texts from JPG, save it as editable text and image, searchable image, searchable PDF, editable Word or other formats.

With Acrobat, you can convert JPG to searchable PDF and keep format as follows:

  1. Get a free copy of Adobe Acrobat, install and fire up the app on your machine.
  2. Open JPG with Acrobat.jpg to searchable pdf acrobat 1
  3. Head to Scan&OCR>Recognize Text>In This File, also you can use the Enhance tool to optimize the JPG file first.jpg to searchable pdf acrobat 2
  4. The JPG file is now converted to searchable text, click on Save button to save as searchable PDF in Acrobat.jpg to searchable pdf acrobat 3

JPG to Searchable PDF Free

Got your own reasons to put down a paid program to convert JPG to searchable PDF format? Here is how to do this without paying by using web tools.

OCR Space is the best free way to create searchable PDF from JPG or extract text from images. You can upload JPG images by loading from local drive or pasting url, there are settings available to improve the OCR accuracy: detect orientation, enlarge file, select language from 20+, also you can select an OCR engine to use.

If you also register its Pro version, you can go further to convert larger and more files without limits.

With OCR Space ,you can convert JPG to searchable PDF for free:

  1. Navigate to in your web browser.
  2. Click on Choose File to upload your JPG file.jpg to searchable pdf free
  3. Select file language. Use the tools to enhance OCR.
  4. Tick the box before Create searchable PDF with visible text layer.
  5. Select an OCR engine.
  6. Hit on Start OCR!
  7. Download the searchable PDF to your device.

It’s worth checking out more free web OCR options before installing Acrobat, if those online free tools can meet your needs. But if you want to convert JPG to searchable PDF and keep format, Acrobat is undoubtedly the first choice for all of us, it has a large number of tools and options to edit PDFs easily, professionally.