SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is an image format supporting interactivity and animation in browser, which includes lines, curves, shapes, colors and text. While, EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) is a vector-based image in Adobe Illustrator which includes text and graphics. They are 2 different image formats and play their roles in different industries. And you may need to convert SVG to EPS sometimes.

There are 4 methods to do SVG to EPS conversion on both mac and windows, it can be online free, offline professional or open source converter.

1. Best SVG to EPS Converter Software (Batch Allowed)

Things has changed a lot today, we give more preferences to a professional tool as long as it can boost the productivity greatly. Regarding SVG to EPS, we can and are recommended to use a professional SVG to EPS Converter software, that can do batch conversion and output high quality conversion.

BatchPhoto Pro is a solid image converter to convert and edit common/raw/other images in batch, it allows previewing and generate high quality conversions. With 15 years focusing on this single image converter, BatchPhoto Pro deserves a try. It is available on both MacOS and Windows.

What BatchPhoto Pro Offers

  • Read and Convert 170+ images to different formats, including SVG to JPG
  • Batch and high-quality conversion
  • Convert multiple images to PDF or other formats
  • Bulk resize and rename images
  • Edit images: crop, add effect, rotate, change DPI, replace color, add watermark, comment, add frames or border, etc
  • Upload and share image to FTP or social accounts
  • Preserve original image quality

Batch Convert SVG to EPS on Mac or Windows PC Now!

(Tutorial to convert SVG to EPS with BatchPhoto Pro on Mac is the same as that on Windows.)

  1. Grab a free trial of BatchPhoto Pro , install and open the application on your Mac or Windows PC.
  2. Go to Add Photo, drag and drop one or more SVG images to the program, you will be allowed to preview the SVG image before conversion.add svg file mac01
  3. Go to Edit Photos if you want to customize the SVG file before conversion.
  4. Go to Setup, choose output as EPS and tweak the settings.svg to eps mac02
  5. Finally, go to Process, starting batch converting SVG to EPS on Mac or Windows PC.

2. Best Online Free SVG to EPS Converter

Sometime, an online free SVG to EPS converter just suits all your needs, there may be no killer features, but it gives the best free solution to convert SVG to EPS without installing any software.

Online free image converters are large in numbers, but just a small part of them supporting SVG to EPS, and best one is, Convertio.

Convertio is a great platform to do conversion on video, audio, document, ebook, image and archive, it offers both online free and subscribed services. Only 10 SVG images can be converted for free, for more conversions, you will have to pay. It is characteristic of fast and user-friendly conversion, you can convert multiple SVG files to EPS at the same time.

Convert SVG to EPS Online Free Now!

  1. Head to Convertio SVG to EPS.
  2. Drag and drop SVG files to the program.
  3. Choose output as EPS.
  4. Click Convert to start the conversion.
  5. Save the EPS file to your computer.svg to eps onlinefree

Anyway, be careful and do not upload private files for conversion online free, your files will be saved online for 24 hours, which may put your information at risks.

3. SVG to EPS with Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator, as powerful as Adobe Photoshop, is a great choice to process images. In the case of SVG to EPS conversion, Adobe Illustrator helps, though it cannot batch convert SVG to EPS.

Convert SVG to EPS with Adobe Illustrator Now!

  1. Run Adobe Illustrator, open SVG in Adobe.
  2. Then go to File>Save As.svg to eps illustrator01
  3. Choose Illustrator EPS in the output format and adjust settings.svg to eps illustrator02

4. Export SVG as EPS with Open Source (Inkscape)

Beside online free SVG to EPS converters, open source is another way to convert SVG to EPS free but offline, let’s say InkScape.

Inkscape is an open-source vector image editor, it runs on macOS, Windows and Linux. It offers drawing, shape, text and clone tools to create graphics, allows users to manipulate objects, layers and filters, even export image as different format (PDF, PNG, PS, DXF,EMF, etc.). SVG is the native format in Inkscape. However, it doesn’t support batch conversion.

One more point, errors may happen when converting SVG to EPS in Inkscape, like in one of my test, the EPS output cannot be opened in Adobe Photoshop or other image viewers.

Convert SVG to EPS with Open Source Inkscape Now!

  1. Grab Inkscape from its website, install and open it.
  2. Run Inkscape, go to File>Open to import SVG file to the program.
  3. Go to File>Save As.svg to eps inkscape01
  4. Then choose EPS as the output and save the file.svg to eps inkscape02

In Summary

It is no way to put all SVG to EPS conveters on this list, but those deserve a try are here for you. To convert SVG to EPS online or offline, it can be much easier, by using any one of these listed tools.