Perhaps you are running a website and intend to upload all the images (most of them are JPG or JPEG files) in WebP format, since Google recommend doing so to improve your website performance, or you have other reasons to get your images in WebP. To convert JPG to WebP in batches on a Mac or Windows computer, here is a list of easy-to-use tools found online and proved to be excellent.

Also, in the end of the post, we will have a brief comparison between JPG and WebP, figuring out why sometimes WebP is better than JPG.

Simplest Bulk JPG to WebP Converter 2023 for Mac and Windows

There are multiple solutions to convert JPG to WebP, you can be adequately served by online free image converters, but also can get better conversion result with a capable, installable JPG to WebP converter software, here we recommend Pixillion Image Converter, one of the biggest names in this niche.

Pixillion Image Converter is very strong when it comes to input and output support, you can read 50+ image formats, including common, raw and additional image formats, also can write them in 20 image formats, including pdf, psd, jpeg, png, ico, svg, webp, etc. The bulk conversion feature lets you convert dozens even hundreds of images at the same time for speedy output.

Editing image a little bit is another advantage from Pixillion to let you have a precise control of the conversion, you can resize, flip, rotate, watermark, etc.

Pixillion Image Converter Features

  • Import 50+ image formats: common, raw, additional
  • Export images as 20 image formats, including various images to webp
  • Bulk convert images
  • Edit features: resize, flip, rotate, watermark, etc
  • Combine images to one PDF
  • Configure output preferences: compression, encoding, etc.

Take these steps to bulk convert JPG to WebP on Mac or Windows

  1. Grab a copy of Pixillion Image Converter, install the app.
  2. Add all JPG or JPEG files to Pixillion, preview and select them all.jpg to webp bulk 1
  3. Go to the output options at the bottom of the interface, choose output as WebP and adjust compression settings, you are recommended to go with lossless compression.jpg to webp bulk 2
  4. (Optional) Click on Effects button to edit the images.
  5. Click Convert to bulk change JPG to WebP.jpg to webp bulk 3

How to (Bulk) Convert JPG to WebP in Adobe Photoshop?

If you have registered an Adobe account and are on your long way to unlock the true power of Adobe Photoshop, move on, an new and amazing world is just waiting for you. Photoshop lets users stay up to date with new tools and functions, and some of its basic features are very useful for our work, such as the Save as feature, you can use it to convert single or multiple JPG to WebP.

Single JPG to WebP in Adobe Photoshop

  1. Grab a free 7-day trial of Photoshop, install and fire up the app on your machine.
  2. Open JPG file in PS, head to File>Save as.jpg to webp ps 1
  3. Select WebP as output format.jpg to webp ps 2
  4. In the WebP options, select lossless or lossy compression, hit OK.jpg to webp ps 3

Multiple JPG to WebP in Adobe Photoshop

  1. Grab a free 7-day trial of Adobe Photoshop, install and fire up the app.
  2. Open a JPG file in Adobe Photoshop.
  3. Head to Windows>Actions.jpg to webp ps bulk 1
  4. Create a new set and give a name to it.jpg to webp ps bulk 2
  5. Create a new action and give a name to it, hit Record, now it will record your actions and automate it later.jpg to webp ps bulk 3
  6. Back to the JPG file you opened in Photoshop, head to File>Save as. Select output as WebP and use the image options.jpg to webp ps bulk 4
  7. Once you have saved this JPG file to WebP Format, head to the Actions and stop the recording.jpg to webp ps bulk 5
  8. Head to File>Automate>Batch.jpg to webp ps bulk 6
  9. Select the JPG to WebP action you just set up, choose input folder and output folder to start the bulk conversion. Hit OK, all of your JPG images in the folder will be converted to WebP format.jpg to webp ps bulk 7

Best Free JPG to WebP Software to Convert Multiple JPGs (XnConvert)

Open-source image tools are popular for some reasons, they are free but still capable, XnConvert is one of them.

XnConvert is a free bulk image converter but with a rich set of editing tools, there are 80 actions provided for you to touch up your images: crop, mask, adjust color, apply effect, mirror, rotate…It reads a lot of image types and converts to 80+ formats, including WebP. However, it doesn’t have a beautiful UI and image quality degradation happens after a conversion.

Take these steps to bulk convert JPG to WebP for Free

  1. Grab the installer of XnConvert, install the app on your Mac or Windows PC, it supports Linux as well.
  2. Add all JPG files to XnConvert.jpg to webp free 1
  3. Head to Output tab, choose output as WebP.jpg to webp free 2
  4. Click Convert to save JPG as WebP for free.

Best Free Online JPG to WebP Bulk Converter

There is a huge range of options on an online free JPG to WebP converter, to save you time on trying them all, we have picked the one for you: CloudConvert

CloudConvert is a web based tool to convert archive, audio, cad, document, ebook, font, image, presentation, spreadsheet, vector and video, also lets users optimize PDF and image file for free. Comparing with other web based image converters, it has no limits of file size, file quantity and free conversions per day. However, some of the WebP output will be relatively larger than wanted.

Take these steps to bulk convert JPG to WebP online free

  1. Navigate to
  2. Upload all JPG files to this web tool.
  3. Click on Setting gear icon, use the options.
  4. Click Convert.jpg to webp online
  5. Click Download to save the WebP images to your disk.


JPG or JPEG, is the most common image format to store digital images in lossy compression. It can keep an image in quite small size, but the image quality gets perceptible loss. While, WebP is the image format that balances size and image quality very well, with both lossy and lossless compression applied, it makes image smaller but preserves quality.

JPG or JPEG is used everywhere on the Internet and can be opened in almost all web browsers, even can be previewed on basically all social media platforms. While, WebP is more preferred by website owners for SEO benefits, it can be opened in approx. 95% web browsers across the world, but a great part of open source image viewers still don’t support reading a WebP image.

A WebP image is 25%~35% smaller in size when comparing with a JPEG file at same SSIM index.

Popularity Size Quality
JPG Widely used at every corner on Internet Small Lossy
WEBP Google-friendly, popular among web designers/site owners for SEO benefits 25%~35% smaller than JPEG/JPG Lossless

JPG or WebP, that’s depend on your need, no matter converting JPG to WebP or WebP to JPG, both can be done easily.