Photos are always added in documents to make our ideas more clearly. However, very often, the cited photos are created by others and added with a watermark showing the origin. Then how to remove a watermark from photos, in the purpose to make the cited photos not distractive by the watermark and to make our files look more professional? Here you will find ways to remove watermark from photos, including online free solutions and several offline professional photo watermark remover applications.

But before removing the watermark from a photo, you should realize that it is illegal to remove the photo watermarks for commercial or for other criminal act.

#1 Best Way to Remove Watermark from Photo (Mac & Windows)

Is there any tool helps to remove watermark from photo with one click? Yes, there is. Luminar 4 can remove watermark, remove person or other unwanted objects from your photos easily, you just need to select the watermark, then it will erase automatically and leave your photo look the same way as you expect.

Luminar 4 is a tool designed to browse and  edit photos as easily as possible, but yields same results as professional as Adobe Photoshop, it helps to:

  • AI-Powered: smart, intelligent, professional;
  • Browse photos in library;
  • Add as plug-in to Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom/PS Elements/Apple Aperture;
  • Crop, rotate, zoom;
  • Essential editing: light, color, details, denoise, landscape, vignette;
  • Creative editing: sky replacemet, sunrays, dramatic, matte look, color styles, glow, fog, etc.;
  • Professional editing: advanced contrast, gradient, dodge & burn, filter, split toning;
  • Retouch;
  • Batch resize and rename;
  • Remove unwanted person or objects;
  • Clone and stamp;
  • Convert photos to JPG, PNG, BMP, Photoshop, etc.;
  • Before & After check;

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Steps to Remove Watermark from Photo with Luminar

  • Step 1. Download and install Luminar 4;
  • Step 2. Click “+” > Edit Single Image to add photo for watermark removal;add original photo
  • Step 3. Go to Edit>Canvas>Erase, or press Command+E on Mac or Ctrl+E on Windows to navigate to Erase interface;remove watermark 02
  • Step 4. Then hold and move the brush tool onto the watermark area, you can adjust the brush size according to your needs;remove-watermark
  • Step 5. Once ready, click “Done” to save the photo without watermark to your computer;
  • Step 6. (Optional) You can customize the photo with its essential/creative/pro editing tools if needed;editing-photos-luminar

#2 Remove Watermark from Photo Online Free (3 Ways)

Maybe you just have 2 or 3 photos needs to be done with watermark removal and decide to process online without paying. Then, you can try online free image watermark remover services.

I have tried virtually all the online free image watermark remover tools, not counting those just keep directing you to unsecure websites and those don’t allow remove watermark at all, the quantity of online image photo watermark remover tools are less than 10. Here we pick best 3 of them to remove watermark from photo online free.

1) Pixlr

If you have edited a photo online before, you must have known Pixlr, the most popular online free photo editor to edit, rotate, resize, flip, crop, merge, flatten, adjust, add filters and customize your photos as professional as Adobe Photoshop. In addition, it allows users to export the edited photos as different image formats, including JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and PXD.

There are 2 ways to remove watermark from photo online free with Pixlr, using the Spot Heal Tool or Clone Stamp Tool.

Way #1 Steps to Remove Watermark from Photo Online Free with Pixlr

  1. Go to Pixlr Photo Editor Online;
  2. Click Open Image from Computer to import your photo to Pixlr;remove photo watermark pixlr01
  3. In the left panel, choose Clone stamp tool;remove photo watermark pixlr02
  4. Then click “Ctrl” to select the area you want to clone, so the area with watermark can be replaced with the cloned part. In my test, I choose to clone the bush near to the watermark, it will make the whole photo natural, the watermark-removed area will be in harmony with other parts; photo watermark pixlr03
  5. Click on the watermark, or hold the left mouse button to select the whole watermark area, then you will see the watermark is replaced by the cloned area; photo watermark pixlr04
  6. Once ready, go to File>Save, rename the file and choose an output format for your photo, click “OK”; photo watermark pixlr05

Way #2 Steps to Remover Watermark from Photo Online Free with Pixlr

  1. Go to Pixrl;
  2. Upload your photo to Pixlr;remove photo watermark pixlr01
  3. Go to left panel, choose Spot Heal Tool; photo watermark pixlr06
  4. Hold left mouse button, move the brush onto the watermark, wait for the watermark to be removed; photo watermark pixlr07
  5. Once ready, go to File>Save, choose an output format to save the photo onto your computer;

Disadvantages of Using Pixlr

  • Require good Internet connection;
  • It may take time when uploading, processing and downloading photos;
  • Repeated steps are needed to get the photo done with good quality;

2) Inpaint

Inpaint is another online free tool to remove photo watermark. Actually, it is my favorite one, it is easy to use and does the watermark removal quite professional, it is not likely that others will notice the photo is processed with a watermark removal. However, its free service only allows users to download a relatively low-quality photo, for high definition output, you need to pay for it.

inpaint result price

Anyway, if your source photo is in high definition, you can still have a try on this online free tool.

Steps to Remove Watermark from Photo Online Free with Inpaint

  1. Go to Inpaint;
  2. Click “Upload Image” to import your photo to Inpaint;inpaint remove photo watermark01
  3. Then hold and move the brush onto watermark;inpaint remove photo watermark02
  4. Click “Erase” to remove the watermark from your photo;inpaint remove photo watermark03
  5. Once ready, click “Download” on the top right to save the photo to your Mac or Windows PC.inpaint remove photo watermark result

3) Apowersoft

The 3rd tool to remove watermark from photo online free is Apowersoft. It does help to remove the watermark, easy and effective, but the part of the watermark will be hazy, you will notice that there is an object or something removed from the photo.

remove photo watermark apowersoft result

However, if this is OK for you, you can have a try.

Steps to Remove Watermark from Photo Online Free with Apowersoft

  1. Go to Apowersoft Online Watermark Remover;
  2. Click “+” to import your photos;remove photo watermark apowersoft 01
  3. Drag the erase box onto the watermark;remove photo watermark apowersoft 02
  4. Then click “Erase”;
  5. Once ready, download the photo to your computer;

Of course, there are other online tools to remove photo watermark:

Like Lunapic, but you will find the trails that proved the photo has been watermark-removed:

lunapic remove photo watermark

Or like Photofunny, it only allows users to blur the watermark:

remove photo watermark photofunny

#3 Remove Watermark from Photo in Adobe Photoshop

In the case that you have Adobe Photoshop in hand, you can remove watermarks from your photo using PS. For simple watermarks, it is also easy to remove even using Adobe, but if the watermark is added with some advanced effects, you will need to spend some time to fix the background for original watermark.

Steps to Remove Watermark from Photo Using Adobe PS

  1. Launch Adobe PS, go to File>Open, import your photo to PS;remove photo watermark ps01
  2. Then choose Lasso Tool. Or right click the selection tool menu to choose Lasso Tool;remove photo watermark ps02
  3. Select the watermark in your photo. If the watermark is too small, zoom in to select all the watermark area;remove photo watermark ps03
  4. Then go to Edit>Fill, choose Content-Aware and click “OK” to start removing the watermark;remove photo watermark ps04
  5. Then you will find the watermark is removed. Zoom in to check the details in the watermark area, if the watermark is not removed completely, repeat the process, if the background is blurred, use the Clone Stamp Tool to fix;remove photo watermark ps 05
  6. Go to File>Save.

Also, you can watch the YouTube video tutorial to remove watermark from photo easily using Adobe Photoshop.

#4 Free Photo Watermark Removal in GMIP

If you want to remove photo watermark offline, you can use GMIP, the free image editor to enhance photos, do retouching, save photos as other image formats, etc. Of course, it allows users to remove photo watermark using its clone tool.

Steps to Remove Watermark from Photo Free in GMIP

  1. Download and install GMIP;
  2. Go to File>Open, import your photo to watermark removal;remove photo watermark gmip01
  3. Then choose Clone tool;remove photo watermark gmip 02
  4. Press Ctrl and select an area to clone to the watermark area;remove photo watermark gmip03
  5. Once ready, go to File>Save. The photo watermark is removed in GMIP;


To tell you the truth, I am quite surprised that image tools today are doing so good in editing. There is still gap between Adobe and other image editors, but those non-Adobe tools are not that greatly outshadowed by Adobe any more, they are getting better and better, like Luminar 4, it is worth a try.