Pages in a PDF file come with different size? This scenario might bring on feelings of freaking out and helplessness.

Why Are My PDF Pages Different in Sizes?

Because your PDFs are created from images in different DPI, or the PDF file is combined from documents of different page size in the first place. PDF with different pages size is not comfortable to our eyes and the content might not be fully printed out if you have set up the printing area.

Fortunately, we can take action. If you find your PDFs coming with different width or height size, and want to correct or set to the same size, PDF masters like Acrobat have prepared the best solution for you, also we have free methods built for Mac and Windows machine.

Make All PDF Pages The Same Size in Adobe Acrobat

Maybe you’ve tried Adobe Acrobat Pro, maybe you have not, but it is still the truth that Acrobat has been the best PDF tool for so long, that’s why most PDF app roundups give the top spot of their list.

Acrobat really shines in the way it helps users to full control over the PDF document, it edits PDF text, image, text box, form field, link, multimedia, changes the look and appearance of your PDF, export files as standard popular format, add or delete pages, merge or break a file, fill and sign on different types of business document, it protects your PDFs and lets a team to work efficiently on the same file. It has all the tools and settings at your fingertip to make your own PDF.

It corrects and changes PDF page size without cropping, but with genuinely scaling the pages size. That’s to say, not only the pages will turn to be in same size, the contents on the pages will be scaled proportionally to look good without weird margin or padding, there won’t be a big blank area surrounding the small content on your page. There are several options, you can scale pages content only to specified value, scale pages to A4, to A4 if not larger A3, to double size, and to specified size. You get a full control over the page size settings, make all pages the same size with contents clearly displayed or printed.

We’ve outlined the steps to make all PDF pages the same size in Acrobat here

  1. Get a 7-day free trial of Adobe Acrobat Pro, install and fire up the app on your Windows or Mac machine.
  2. Drag and drop PDF onto Acrobat interface, check the thumbnails and you can find all the pages different in size.make pages same size adobe 1
  3. Head to Tools>Protect & Standardize>Print Production.make pages same size adobe 2
  4. Go to Preflight.make pages same size adobe 3
  5. Choose Prepress, Color and Transparency>Settings as follows, then expand the Pages menu.make pages same size adobe 4
  6. Choose a Scale option, for example, scale pages to A4.make pages same size adobe 5
  7. You can click the Edit button to customize the Scale pages options, or just hit Fix button to make all pages the same size.make pages same size adobe 6

Free Ways to Make Combined PDF Pages The Same Size on Mac and Windows

If you don’t want to sign up for Acrobat subscription, don’t just force yourself to do, there are free ways to make a combined PDF the same page size on all major platforms, whether it’s Windows, macOS, Android or iOS. We are talking about built-in and web-based tools.

1. Preview for Mac users

Preview is the closet option Mac users have for changing PDF pages size, it is right built into macOS system to read and markup PDF files. When correcting PDF page size with Preview, you can change the size to A4, A5, A6, B5, and to custom sizes. You can also change the width or height size of a specific PDF page, or make all PDF pages in the same width in Preview.

However, it cannot scale the pages proportionally, there will be margin and padding added to make the pages same in size.

Make All PDF Pages Same Size on Mac

  1. Open PDF with Preview.make pages same size preview 1
  2. Go to Tools>Print.make pages same size preview 2
  3. Go to Paper Size, choose a page size. You can change the page size for a specific page, for a page range or all pages in the Pages option.make pages same size preview 3
  4. Then choose to Save as PDF.make pages same size preview 4
  5. Rename the file and hit Save.make pages same size preview 5

2. Microsoft Edge for Windows Users

For users working on a Windows PC, Microsoft Edge is the free solution to change PDF pages size. It has the similar process to change PDF page size as Mac Preview, and it cannot scale proportionally the contents on each page when resizing, there will be blank surroundings.

Make Combined PDF Pages Same Size Free in Windows 11/10

  1. Open Microsoft Edge and drag & drop the PDF to a new tab for opening.
  2. Head to Print, choose printer as Microsoft Print to PDF.
  3. Head to More settings, choose paper size. And hit Print button.make pages same size edge
  4. Then rename the file and save to your Windows machine.

3. Sejda for Windows, macOS Online

You can get help from web-based tools too. Sejda will be the best option to correct PDF page size in your web browser. It can change PDF page width or height size to A2, A3, A4, A5 or to custom dimensions, also can make all pages or selected pages to be the same width.

However, with the free web version, you can correct size of maximum 200 PDF pages or 50MB, also only 3 free tasks per hour.

Make Combined PDF Pages The Same Size Online FREE

  1. Navigate to in your web browser.
  2. Upload your PDF file by drag and drop to this website.
  3. Choose Change Page Size and click Continue.correct page width online 1
  4. Select the PDF pages that you want to change size, then select a page size or custom page size.correct page width online 2
  5. Hit Resize PDF button, then hit the Download button to save the PDF file.correct page width online 3

We have popular web browser tools offering the feature to change PDF page width and height, to make all PDF pages the same size, they are free, though, there are limits. And if the limits stand in the way of your work, you can employ 3rd party app like Acrobat to take control, it will be the best program to handle your PDFs perfectly.