To fast open and share a file, many users prefer to turn their Word Docx files into JPG format. Trying to be helpful, here we offer 5 easy ways to convert Docx to JPG but still with high definition.

#1 Convert Docx to JPG High Definition (Mac & Windows)

We all know that Word Docx is a text-based file, while JPG is an image-based file, they are 2 totally different document types, that’s why there is no standalone tool designed to convert Docx to JPG directly. To convert Word Docx to JPG offline and with high definition, we are often recommneded to use PDF tools, which utilize PDF as the intermediary format to get the conversion done.

The PDF tool we recommend to convert Docx to JPG on Mac or Windows is Movavi PDF Editor, it is a PDF editing tool to edit texts, images and links in PDF files. Also, it has a PDF creator and a PDF converter with support on vavrious input and output formats, which makes it possible for users to convert several non-PDF files with Movavi.

Movavi PDF Editor Features

  • Edit PDF text: add, delete, modify;
  • Edit image: add, delete, rotate, resize;
  • Sign PDFs;
  • Organize PDF pages: add, delete, merge;
  • Convert blank page, Word, Exel, PowerPoint, ePub, HTML, TXT, DJVU, JPG, PNG and BMP to PDF;
  • Convert PDF to Word, ePub, HTML, TXT, JPG, PNG and BMP

Steps to Convert Word Docx to JPG with High Definition (Mac & Windows)

  1. Download and install Movavi PDF Editor;
  2. Run Movavi PDF Editor, go to Convert;movavi pdf editor windows main
  3. Choose input as Word and output as PDF, then drag and drop your Word Docx document, click Convert button to save Word Docx as PDF first;movavi pdf editor creator
  4. Drag and drop the PDF file created from your Word to Movavi, go to File>Convert Files;movavi pdf editor
  5. Choose output as JPEG and click Convert to change Word Docx document to JPEG format.docx to jpg with movavi

#2 Best Word Docx to JPG Converter Online Free (without Email)

For a part of users, they expect to find a solution online free, which doesn’t require any program installation. Speaking of online free Docx to JPG converters, they are basically divided into 2 types: with or without Email address submitted. To save you from the risk of continuous spams sent to their Email box, we recommend online Docx to JPG converters without Email address required.

In fact, we tested on 10+ online Docx to JPG converters, but finally pick the best 2 according to following criteria:

  • Safe to use;
  • Multiple output formats;
  • Fast speed;
  • High definition JPG output;

The Highest-Definition Docx to JPG Converter Online

CloudConvert is the one yields the best JPG quality, even though you try to zoom in, it preserves the high definition. It also allows you to send the converted files directly to your Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive or Box. But the only disadvantage is, it processes relatively slowly than other online converters.

  1. Go to CloudConvert
  2. Click “Select Files” to upload files for conversion;
  3. Once uploaded, click “Start Conversion” to process;
  4. When the conversion finishes, click “Download” to get the JPG output.cloudconvert

The Fast Docx to JPG Converter Online

Zamzar, though picked as the fast Docx to JPG Converter online, can also bring a relatively high-definition JPG output. Actually, Zamzar has an excellent support on output formats, it not only allows users to export Docx to JPG, but also save as another 35 image formats. Even, you can convert Docx files to other document and media formats.

  1. Go to Zamzar
  2. Click “Add Files” to upload Docx files to Zamzar;
  3. Choose output as JPG;
  4. Click “Convert Now” to change Docx to JPG.zamzar

Online free Docx to JPG converters are free to use, however, more and more users prefer offline converters to do the conversion, convinced by better conversion quality and extended features that offline programs can offer.

#3 If You Have Installed Adobe Acrobat (Mac & Windows)

For users who have installed Adobe Acrobat can utilize this tool to finish the conversion. But you will need to save the Docx file as PDF, then export to JPG format.

  1. Run Adobe Acrobat;
  2. Go to Tools>Create PDF, add Docx file to Adobe;create pdf with adobe
  3. Save the PDF file;
  4. Then go to Tools>Export PDF, choose image as as jpg with adobe

#4 Convert Docx to JPG on Mac Free with Preview

Mac Preview is the utility bundled in MacOS to mainly manage PDF and image files, it can export PDF files to image formats. Also it is easily overlooked that Mac Preview is capable of opening Microsoft Office documents. By knowing this, you will notice that there can be 2 options to convert Docx to JPG with Mac Preview.

Option #1

  1. Right click on the Docx file and open with Preview;
  2. Then go to File>Export as PDF;export as pdf with preview
  3. Then save the PDF file and open it with Preview again;
  4. Go to File>Export, then choose output as JPEG;
  5. Click “Save” to convert Docx to JPG on mac.export as jpg with preview

Option #2

  1. Open the Docx with MS Office Word;
  2. Then go to File>Save as, choose PDF as output;
  3. Open the PDF file with Preview;
  4. Go to File>Export, choose JPEG as output;
  5. Then click “Save” to make the Docx file in JPEG on mac.

#5 Convert Word Docx to JPG in MS Office Word

It’s unlikely that you have never installed or used MS Office Word. If it is available on your computer, try the following steps to turn Docx to JPG:

  1. Open the Docx file in MS Word;
  2. Select and right click on the selected contents to “Copy”;
  3. Go to a blank area of the Docx file, right click and choose “Paste Special”;paste special in word
  4. Choose “Picture” in the prompted box;
  5. Once the picture is pasted to Docx file, right click on the picture and choose “Save as Picture”. Then choose the output folder and output image format (PNG, JPEG, PDF, GIF or BMP).

It is easy, right? Well, when you exporting Docx file to JPG with this method, the image definition is scarified a little especially when you zoom in the picture, and you can check the following result. So, if you are looking for solutions for better conversion quality, keep reading.


A Few Words about Docx to JPG with ImageMagick

Indeed, to convert Docx to JPG offline free, ImageMagick is one of the choices. ImageMagick allows users to create, edit, compose and convert images, still it works on Docx to JPG conversion. It has an entire ecosystem on different platforms.

However, it is not suitable for everyone. It is an open source and requires high on the basic knowledge or skills from the users. You will be allowed to download the latest version in a ZIP archive that includes hundreds of files of source code. There is no installer for easy launch, you have to set up the environment to run the program.


Well, I have tried the steps on this page, but failed. I guessed the failure is caused by a compatibility problem. For my own part, I don’t think ImageMagick is a good choice for users who are new in such field.

Online VS Offline Docx to JPG Converter

Apparently, offline Docx to JPG Converters come with more powerful performance and features. However, it is neither wise nor fair to compare between online and offline tools in this way. You are recommended to use offline Docx to JPG converters only when you can not take in the cons from online choices:

  • Online converters bring potential risks of information leakage, since you need to you upload and save the file online for some time;
  • Online tools require stable and smooth Internet connect for successful conversion;
  • Quality of JPG output is sacrificed to some extend;

Small tips to convert Docx to JPG Free

Also, you can follow these small tips to convert your Docx to JPG for free.

1. Use Scanner

Find the paper files of your Docx, or directly print out the Docx file and get a paper copy. Then put the papers into a scanner, save the files as JPG format.

2.Take Photos

Use your Mac camera or lens on your mobile device to take a photo for the Docx file. Make the photos clear and clean.

3.Capture Screenshots.

Open the Docx file on your device, then use the shortcuts to take screenshots on the file. Once ready, save the file.

Final Words

To convert Docx to JPG with high definition, CloudConvert and Adobe are recommended. Online of offline? That depends on how much you care about the safety of the file you are going to convert.