When we got a PDF file with pages out of order, we need to reorder it. But without a PDF editor app featuring an Organize Pages tool, we won’t be able to do so, since all PDF readers, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Chrome PDF Viewer, don’t allow rearranging PDF pages.

Not just going through the steps of using Adobe Acrobat to rearrange PDF pages, we also split up this guide into 4 parts to reorder PDF pages on Mac and Windows machine with online and offline tools.

  1. Recommended App to Rearrange PDF Pages on Mac and Windows Easily
  2. Rearrange PDF Pages Offline for Free
  3. Rearrange PDF Pages Online for Free
  4. Alternative Apps to Rearrange PDF Pages without Adobe

Recommended App to Rearrange PDF Pages on Mac and Windows Easily

We reply more and more on subscribed programs to edit PDF files today, because they give users the fullest control on PDF work. If there is any PDF editor with the best value for price, hands down, it is Adobe Acrobat. Surely, it can reorder PDF pages.

Adobe Acrobat has long been giving all-rounded solutions for PDF users, available on Mac, Windows, also lives online, coming with the most powerful tools and interface that makes you productive than ever: create PDF, edit anything in the PDF, output all standard file formats, organize PDF pages, merge and split, compare, fill forms, any feature you may need for your PDF documents.

The steps to rearrange PDF pages in Adobe Acrobat on Mac or on Windows system

  1. Grab a free 7-day trial of Adobe Acrobat, install and fire up the app on your Windows or Mac machine.
  2. Open the PDF in Acrobat, go to Organize Pages from the Tools bar on the right.rearrange pdf acrobat 1
  3. Click on the page and select, then drag before or after a specific page to reorder.rearrange pdf acrobat 2
  4. Head to File and hit Save to rearrange PDF pages.rearrange pdf acrobat 3

Rearrange PDF Pages Offline for Free (Preview)

Want to reorder PDF pages for free and offline? macOS Preview is the rare free PDF tool to rearrange your pages. There are free PDF editors available, but the free edition is always limited to basic functions, like Split, Merge, Rotate or Extract, add text box, markup. Therefore, we don’t have a choice actually on this task.

macOS Preview cannot edit the texts. It is a PDF tool with rich markup features, but also adds the functionality to manage PDF pages, like Insert, Copy, Rotate, Export as, etc.

The steps to rearrange PDF pages offline on Mac for free

  1. Open PDF file with Mac Preview.reorder pdf pages preview 1
  2. In the Thumbnail mode, select and move the page to reorder it.reorder pdf pages preview 2
  3. Go to File>Save, your PDF file is rearranged on Mac for free.reorder pdf pages preview 3

Rearrange PDF Pages Online for Free

We don’t have many free offline PDF editors, since Adobe still charges a lot if any PDF editor developer want to use their technologies, which makes a full-featured PDF editor often comes with high pricing. But cloud-based PDF editors are different, they are stripped-down and don’t offer all fancy features, but we can use for free. Here we pick 3 services without requiring registration.


It is one of the most compelling web-based PDF editors with 6 tool sets:

  • Organize PDF(merge, split, remove/extract pdf pages, organize)
  • Optimize PDF (compress, repair)
  • Convert to PDF
  • Convert from PDF
  • Edit PDF (rotate, add page numbers, add watermark, edit pdf)
  • PDF Security (protect, unlock and sing pdf)

You can upload PDF files from local folder, Google Drive or Dropbox by drag-n-drop. When reordering PDF pages with ilovepdf, you can put the pages in order by number, add blank pages to the file, even rotate or delete a specific page.

Steps to reorder PDF pages online free with ilovepdf

  1. Navigate to ilovepdf.com/organize-pdf in your web browser.
  2. Click on Select PDF file to upload the PDF document.ilovepdf reorder 1
  3. Drag and move the PDF pages as you need, click Organize to rearrange PDF pages.ilovepdf reorder 2
  4. Click Download file to save the rearranged PDF file to your local drive or cloud storage account.ilovepdf reorder 3


It is one of the most excellent online free PDF editors that work around PDF editing tasks.

  • Insert (text, image, link, whiteout, freehand, form filed)
  • Annotate (sticky note, underline, highlight, strikeout, rectangle)
  • Manage PDF Pages( reorder, delete, append, crop)

However, as for PDF pages rearrangement, you cannot drag and move the pages as freely as in other online free PDF editors, you need to manually input the page number where you want to move a page to. Plus, you can only upload PDF file up to 10 MB and 100 pages. It takes a while to finish uploading.

Steps to rearrange PDF page online free with PDFescape

  1. Navigate to PDFescape.com in your web browser.
  2. Drag and drop the PDF file to the box.pdfescape reorder 1
  3. Hover to Page, select the page that you want to move, click Move, input the page number where you want to move the selected page to.pdfescape reorder 2
  4. Click on the green Download button on the left hand, save the rearranged PDF file.pdfescape reorder 3


Not only rearranging PDF pages in the same way as ilovepdf, PDFCandy includes all features that ilovepdf covers, even provides more features, like edit metadata, resize pages, extract text, add header and footer, support more input and output formats…

But when reordering PDF pages in PDFCandy, you can only rotate or delete a PDF page, but not to add a page. Also, it takes a while to process the reordering.

Steps to rearrange PDF pages online free with PDFCandy

  1. Navigate to PDFCandy.com/rearrange-pdf.html in your web browser.
  2. Click Add file to upload a PDF file to work on the reordering.pdfcandy reorder 1
  3. Drag and move the pages as you need, then click on Rearrange pages.pdfcandy reorder 2
  4. Click on the green Download button to save the rearranged PDF file.pdfcandy reorder 3

Alternative Apps to Rearrange PDF Pages without Adobe

If you prefer to use a reliable PDF editor to rearrange the pages by considering that PDF is an indispensable part of your daily work with a good price, there are 2 alternative apps to rearrange PDF pages without Adobe Acrobat.

No 1. PDFChef (Mac and Windows)

Price: $29.95/Year


  • Create PDF from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, JPEG, PNG, BMP, Epub, DjVu, HTML
  • Edit PDF text/image: add, delete, replace/modify, resize, etc.
  • Organize PDF pages: add, insert blank page, delete, reorder, copy, rotate, extract pages
  • Convert PDF to Word, Text, Epub, HTML, JPEG, PNG, BMP
  • Merge, sign, append, search, print PDFs

No2. Foxit PDF Editor(Mac and Windows)

Price: $182.85


  • Create and convert PDF
  • View and print PDF
  • Edit PDF: text, image, link
  • Manage PDF pages
  • Search and replace
  • OCR scanned PDF
  • Fill out PDF forms
  • Add or remove PDF password
  • Sign PDF
  • Annotate PDF
  • Optimize PDF

By dragging and moving the pages, you will be able to rearrange PDF pages with these 2 tools easily.