Video provides a great way to distribute information in a creative and entertaining way. To protect the copyright of original videos, a watermark is always added. However, sometimes, we need to remove video watermark for only personal use. But how to remove video watermark?

The commonest way to remove video watermark is to use blurring, which is applied by both online and offline video watermark apps, the only difference is how good the app can handle the blurring to hide the trace as much as possible. Here in our guide, we will explore how to remove video watermark without blur, also look at several online or offline video watermark removers with delicate blurring effects.

Best App for Removing Watermark from Video without Blur

In fact, I spent some hours trying to find a video watermark remover app to directly remove the watermark. Most of the solutions to remove video watermark is to blur it and there are traces left on the video. Therefore, if you need a recommendation to remove video watermark without blur, try to crop or replace the watermark via a video editor app, like Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022, it offers 3 ways to remove the video watermark:Crop, Replace (Overlay Image) or Blur(Conceal).

Movavi Video Editor Plus offers the easiest way to edit videos, it is solid option to create video in your own fashion. It handles your photos gracefully but with the lowest cost, just look around, you will realize that Movavi video editor is few among those give rich editing features but come at low price.

What Movavi Video Editor Plus Offers

  • Create videos from personal media files and from Movavi sample videos
  • Edit videos: split, rotate, crop, adjust colors, combine, stabilize, pan and zoom, slow motion, chroma key, etc
  • Edit video property (volume, speed, reverse, fade in or out)
  • Record video and audio
  • Apply filters, add transitions/titles/stickers/icons, etc
  • Share videos to YouTube, Google Drive and Vimeo
  • Export video as video or audio formats

Method 1. Remove video watermark without blur—Crop it!

  1. Grab a copy of Movavi Video Editor Plus from Movavi website, install the application, then open it.
  2. Drag and drop the video with watermark to video track.remove video watermark add
  3. Then find the Crop icon, click on it. Adjust the cropping frame to cut the watermark outside by drag and move.remove watermark crop
  4. Click Apply to remove the watermark.remove watermark crop 1
  5. Preview the video and click Export to save the video with watermark removed.remove watermark crop 2

Method 2. Remove video watermark without blur—Replace it!

  1. Grab a copy of Movavi Video Editor Plus, install and open the application.
  2. Drag and drop the watermarked video to Movavi.
  3. Go to Stickers>Shapes, add a shape or sticker to the watermark area by dragging to timeline.remove watermark replace 1
  4. Keep the length of the added shape same as the video by dragging its edge.remove watermark replace 2
  5. Click on the shape and do the clip editing, use the eyedropper tool to pick a color that matched the video background.remove watermark replace 3
  6. Preview and click Export button to complete watermark removing.

Notes: You can split the video into different clips and add shape for each clip, so different backgound-matching color can be picked for your need. Also, you can go to More Tools>Overlay, to overlay an image on the video to hide the watermark.

Method 3. Remove video watermark with conceal/blur

  1. Grab a copy of Movavi Video Editor Plus, install and open the application.
  2. Drag and drop the watermarked video to Movavi.
  3. Click on More Tools>Highlight and Conceal.remove watermark blur 1
  4. When the conceal frame appears, drag and move to conceal the watermark, increase the opacity and feathering to 100% or adjust according to your liking.remove watermark blur 2
  5. Preview the result, click Export to remove the video watermark.

Professional Video Watermark Remover Software for Windows

It seems that there is no choice for Mac video watermark remover software but there are indeed some options for Windows. In fact, these software use Blur to remove watermark too, but they use smart fill algorithm to patch frame and leave imperceptible traces. You can have a try on iMyFone MarkGo and SoftOrbits Remove Logo Now!

1. iMyFone MarkGo for Windows and macOS

iMyFone MarkGo is a watermark tool, with tools to add image or video watermark, also to remove image/video watermark/background/unwanted objects. It offers 4 modes to remove watermark. The free version supports Smooth Filling mode only, there will be blurring trace left. The premium version support Gaussian Blur, Color Filling, Matte Filling, with advanced algorithm to patch blurred areas delicately.

Here is how to use iMyFone video watermark remover software

  1. Get the free trial of iMyFone video watermark.
  2. Choose Remove Video Watermark.imyfone-1
  3. Import your video by drag and drop.
  4. Select a mode and add the box to watermark area.imyfone-2
  5. Click Export to remove video watermark in a go.

2. SoftOrbits Remove Logo Now! (Windows)

SoftOrbits Remove Logo Now is the only one among those few video watermark removers that really works and works outstandingly. It is designed to add and remove watermark from video on Windows. Users cannot only remove video watermark from the start to the end, but also can remove watermark from video in specified intervals, for example, you can remove the watermark during 00:00:10-00:00:35.

Here is how to use SoftOrbits Remove Logo Now

  1. Grab a free trial copy of SoftOrbits Remove Logo Now onto your Windows PC.
  2. Add watermarked video to the program by drag and drop.add watermarked video
  3. Click on Remove, choose Tools to select the area where you want to remove the video watermark.remove watermark
  4. (Optional) Go to Options to choose video output format.output options
  5. Click Start, rename or overwrite the file to remove video watermark instantly, then check the without watermark

Remove Watermark from Video Free in Mac iMovie

If you are a mac user, you can utilize iMovie, the free video editor program comes with macOS. Though it doesn’t allow users to directly erase and remove the video watermark directly, there are 2 ways to remove the watermark.

Method 1: Remove Video Watermark in iMovie—Crop

  1. Launch iMovie.
  2. Drag and drop the video into iMovie as instructed.imovie 1 21
  3. Click on Crop to exclude the watermark part.
  4. Then go to File>Share>File.imovie 02

Method 2: Remove Video Watermark in iMovie—Replace with picture-in-picture effect

  1. Launch iMovie.
  2. Drag and drop the video into iMovie.
  3. Select a image or clip , then drag it above the video in the timeline.imovie-replace-01
  4. Click on Picture in Picture button, move and resize the clip or image to hide the watermark completely.imove-replace-02
  5. Apply the change, then go to File>Share>File to save the video without watermark.

How to Remove Watermark from Video Online Free

Is there any online free video watermark remover?

The answer is Yes, but 99% of these removers use Blur to erase the watermark, which leaves visible traces and residues on the video. But some of them do the blurring well, audience may be hard to perceive it.

A list of recommend websites to remove video watermark online free

I spent more time on finding a good online free video watermark remover than that for a standalone software, because it took me a long time to upload and download the video. If you don’t rush to do it, have a look at following 3 websites.

But before, check out the pros and cons of using online free video watermark websites.

The Good:

  • Free
  • Simple to use
  • Support MP4, MOV and other common video formats
  • Good blurring result

The Bad:

  • Require sign up
  • Video uploading may take long or fail to upload
  • Download videos lose quality
  • Visible traces on watermarked area

1. Hitpaw

My reason to put Hitpaw on the top of the list is the speedy watermark erasing. It is the fastest tool in my tests, uploads videos fast and the removal processing is quicker. But the free version is limited, it has size limits and supports common videos like MP4, MOV, etc.

Remove video watermark online free with Hitpaw

  1. Navaigate to Hitpaw video watermark remover in your web browser, upload MP4 or video in other format.
  2. Add the box over to video watermark.hitpaw 1
  3. Click Save to process video watermark removal.
  4. Then click Download the watermark-free video.hitpaw 3
  5. Check the result.hitpaw 4

2. Video Watermark is an online free program allowing users to remove watermark from MP4, MOV, etc., it can be logo, texts, stamp or unwanted objects. You can remove watermark at specific time of the video. Also, it can add watermark too. This tool requires users to sign up to download watermark-removed videos.

Remove video watermark online free with

  1. Head to online video watermark remover.
  2. Click on the following area to import videos for watermark remove watermark 1
  3. Click Add Area to add a box onto the video remove watermark 2
  4. Then click Remove Watermark to remove video watermark.
  5. Click Download to get the watermark-removed remove watermark 4

Also, you can try BeeCut.


I tried several other popular online free video watermark removers, but they didn’t work:

Apowersoft didn’t erase the watermark at all.

Online video cutter frozen and won’t upload my MP4 video cutter remove video watermark
Videowatermarkremoveronline had me waited in the queue until my patience exhausted.videowatermarkremover wait

How to Remove Watermark from Video Online Free without Blur?

Still for a way to remove video watermark online free without blur? Let’s make it simple, just crop it online, using Kapwing or any other online video editors that have a good ranking in Google.

Steps to remove watermark from video online free without blur

  1. Navigate to KapWing online video editor in your web browser.
  2. Upload your video.
  3. Find Edit in the right pane, choose Crop, cut the watermark out from your video.kawping
  4. Click Done Cropping and download the watermark-remove video.

Remove Video Watermark in After Effects

If you want to make your video watermark erasing perfect, use Adobe After Effects with its content aware fill feature.

Here is how:

  1. Open video in Adobe After Effects.
  2. Track mask to the watermark by right clicking on the mask.
  3. Go to Window>Content Aware Fill, adjust the settings and try different fill methods to find best outcome.
  4. Click on Generate Fill Layer.
  5. Then save the video in After Effects.

Also, you can check out this video

In Summary

So, here is the conclusion, the tools designed to remove video watermark is still small in quantity, online or offline. To remove watermark from video without failure and trouble, you’d better try on an offline professional one.