All computer icons on Microsoft Windows are saved in ICO file format, an ICO image contains 1 or more small images in different sizes or color depths, for example, the icon for Microsoft Word on your desktop. ICO is Windows-based, it is easy to open or convert on a Windows PC. But if you want to convert an ICO image to PNG or JPG format on mac, what to do?

To convert ICO to PNG or JPG format on a Mac, we here list 5 ways to do the conversion, 4 tools can be utilized to convert ICO to PNG to JPG on Mac for free. For higher conversion result, there is also 1 tool to help on this topic.

Batch Convert ICO to PNG/JPG on Mac (Preserve Original Quality)

An efficient method to convert ICO to PNG or JPG on mac while retaining the original image quality is using a professional image program, such as BatchPhoto Pro, it makes the conversion much easier and better.

BatchPhoto Pro is a Mac/Windows program to edit and convert more than 170+ formats of images, including common images, raw images and other images, it can process the editing or converting in batch due to its support for multi-core CPUs.

Main Features of BatchPhoto Pro:

  • Support read 170+ types of images;
  • Convert to and from 100+ images, like raw to jpg, png to eps, svg to jpg, etc
  • Convert image to PDF;
  • Batch convert;
  • Edit photos: add data stamp, watermark, comment, photo border, frame;
  • Resize, rotate, crop, change DPI, replace color;
  • Touch-up;
  • Add effects;

Steps to Convert ICO to PNG/JPG on Mac Using BatchPhoto Pro

  1. Download and install BatchPhoto Pro onto your Mac;
    Free Download
  2. In the Add Photos interface, click Add Folder to import all your ICO images one time;batchphoto-mac-add
  3. (Optional) Then go to Edit Photos interface, edit your ICO photos before conversion;batchphoto-edit-interface
  4. Go to Setup, then choose output as PNG or JPG;batchphoto-export
  5. Then click Process to batch convert your ICO files to PNG or JPG on mac.

Convert ICO to PNG/JPG on Mac Preview Free

Mac Preview is a free macOS application to open, view and basically edit PDF or images on Mac. It supports loading PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, OpenEXR and ICO image files, also allows mac users to export these images to other image format, like ICO to PNG or ICO to JPG on mac for free.

Steps to Convert ICO to PNG or JPG on Mac Preview

  1. Right click on your ICO file, then open with Preview.ico to png mac preview01
  2. Then go to File>Export.ico to png mac preview02
  3. In the Format menu, choose PNG or JPEG as the output.ico to png mac preview03
  4. Click Save to convert ICO to PNG or JPG on Mac in Preview.


  • Free;
  • Easy to use;


  • Cannot batch convert, only convert 1 by 1

Convert ICO to PNG/JPG on Mac Free with GMIP

Speaking of offline image editor for mac, you won’t miss GMIP, one of the most popular free image editors to enhance, retouch, resize even convert images on Mac. It offers abundant features, but you may need some time to get used to use this Adobe PS-like image editor. And luckily, it is quite easy to convert ICO to PNG/JPG in GMIP on Mac.

Steps to Convert ICO to PNG or JPG on Mac with GMIP

  1. Download and install GMIP onto your Mac. It is safe and clean to use.
  2. Open your ICO image with GMIP. Or go to File>Open, import your ICO image.ico to png mac gmip01
  3. Then go to File>Export as>Select File Type, select PNG or JPG as the output.ico to png mac gmip02
  4. Click Open to convert ICO to PNG or JPG on Mac in GMIP.


  • Free;
  • Easy to use;


  • Don’t support batch convert;

Batch Convert ICO to PNG/JPG on Mac (Online Free)

Another option to batch convert ICO to PNG or JPG on mac is using online free image converters. I have tried most of them, the following 2 are my favorite, because of the conversion quality and safety.

#1 Image.Online-Convert

It is a part of Online-Convert to convert images only, but it supports converting 120+ input format to BMP, EPS, GIF, HDR/EXR, ICO, JPG, PNG, SVG, TGA, TIFF, WBMP, WebP and others. When exporting an ICO image to PNG or JPG format, you will be also allowed to customize the images, like quality setting, change size/color/DPI, enhance and crop images.

Steps to Batch Convert ICO to PNG/JPG on Mac Online Free

  1. Go to Image.Online-convert, choose to Convert to PNG, or Convert to JPG in the left converter menu;ico to png mac online convert01
  2. Click “Choose Files” to upload your ICO images;
  3. Go to Optional settings, adjust the settings as needed;
  4. Then click “Start conversion” to convert your ICO to PNG on Mac online;ico to png mac online convert02
  5. Download the output files one by one or download all in a zip file;

#2 aconvert

Image conversion is just one feature of Aconvert, Aconvert also helps to compress, resize, crop, merge, rotate, add effects to images. In addition, the conversion capability also works for other files, like PDF, Document, Ebook, Video, Audio, Archive and Webpage.

It can export images to about 100 formats, including PNG and JPG. You will be allowed to resize the output before conversion.

Steps to Batch Convert ICO to PNG or JPG on Mac Online Free

  1. Go to Aconvert Image Converter
  2. Click “Choose Files” to add your ICO images to the platform;
  3. Choose output as PNG or JPG;
  4. Choose Keep Original Image Size or others if you want to resize the output image;ico to png mac aconvert

Can I Convert ICO to PNG/JPG in Adobe Photoshop on Mac?

No, you cannot.

Adobe Photoshop doesn’t support opening an ICO image, it won’t help users to work on an ICO image.

However, you can find Adobe Photoshop plugin-in to import and export ICO files. The ICOBundle from Telegraphics is a good choice, yet, for the reason that this plugin has not been updated for so long time, there may be issues when installing and using this plugin in your new Adobe Photoshop after 2014. Anyway, you can have a try, if fail, try other methods to convert your ICO to PNG or JPG on mac.


The needs on image conversion is still growing, which stimulates our software developers to create high quality image converters. An image converter can do more than converting images, there builds in so many powerful features to optimize your images, just like BatchPhoto. Want to convert ICO to PNG or ICO to JPG, have a try on the methods in this post now and tell us your best pick in the comments.