We use images everyday and there are hundreds of image formats applied in different walks of life or work. JPG, working as the most web friendly image format, is the one we read, write and share on a daily base. Therefore, we always have the requests to convert an image to JPG.

Here we will look at 5 ways to convert photo to JPG, while compress the JPG to 20KB, 40KB, 50KB, 100KB or others as you like basing on the original image file size. Also, you can find free tools to convert any type of image to JPG on your Mac or Windows.

Best App to Convert Image to JPG in 20KB

It is easy to convert a photo to JPG format, but taking the hassle out of making the JPG in small size, like 20KB, 40KB, 50KB, 100KB even 200KB, nabbing a robust program is the best way saving us from ending up on the hands and wasting our time. BatchPhoto Pro and Pixillion Image Converter are the option we’ve got for you, and we promise they are easy and useful.

BatchPhoto Pro

BatchPhoto Pro from Bits&Coffee is an all-round image converter, it supports inputting and outputting the most image types on the market, including common and raw files, up to 170 types. Besides, it adds a basic editing feature to crop, rename, resize, rotate, add watermark/filter, touch-up, etc, which makes it possible to keep your JPG file approx. 20KB, 40KB or 50KB, any size you want.

Also, as you can know from its product name, batch processing is, hand down, its best feature to make it extremely useful. In reality, we do need an image converter to do batch work, because we often have to convert more than one image at the same time.

BatchPhoto Pro Image to JPG Converter Standout Features

  • Read virtually all types of image, common, raw, etc.
  • Convert common and raw image to JPG or other formats: png to eps, pdf to eps, svg to jpg
  • Batch convert
  • Preserve original quality
  • Bulk resize and rename images
  • Edit images: crop, add effect, rotate, change DPI, replace color, add watermark, comment, add frames or border, etc
  • Upload and share image to FTP or social accounts

How to Batch Convert Image to JPG 20KB, 50KB, 100KB, 200KB or Less?

  1. Grab a copy of BatchPhoto Pro, install and open the application.
  2. Click Add Photos, drag and drop all your images to the program.add image to batchphoto
  3. Go to Setup, choose output folder and select output format as JPG.choose output as jpg
  4. Then click Process to batch convert image to JPG.
  5. Finally, re-add those JPG files that larger than 20KB or 50KB to BatchPhoto Pro, select them all, go to Edit Photos>Add Filters>Resize>adjust Resize parameters>OK, the Resize filter will be added to the left column, select it and go to Setup, choose output as JPG, then click Process the resize procedure. All the JPG files will be kept within 20KB or 50KB.resize in batchphoto


Also, you can upload all images for one time, select them all and add the resize filter, choose output and process at one time. But this may cause JPG files that are in your wanted size finally saved with poor-quality.

Pixillion Image Converter

Pixillion Image Converter from NCH Software is a well-regarded image converter to do conversion easily. It supports reading 50+ image formats, from common images to raw images. And it offers extended features too, like rotate, resize, customize output settings, etc. We can use the Resize feature to compress JPG images under 20KB, 40KB, or 50KB basing on the original file size.

Pixillion Image Converter Standout Features

  • Read 50+ image formats, including raw images
  • Convert images to 20 different formats, including JPG
  • Batch process conversion
  • Resize, flip, rotate, add watermark text/image
  • Share
  • Allow output preferences

How to Batch Convert Image to JPG in 20KB or 50KB?

  1. Grab a copy of Pixillion Image Converter ,install and open the application.
  2. Drag and drop all images to the program.convert image to jpg pixillion
  3. Choose output folder and set output as JPEG.convert image to jpg pixillion 02
  4. Then go to Compression Settings, choose from low or high image quality.pixillion compression
  5. (Alternatively)You can click Resize and scale your JPG to 20KB or 50KB in different resize options, continue with OK.pixillion resize
  6. Click Convert to turn your all your images to JPG.

How to Convert Photo into 20KB JPG Free on Mac

With more users requiring converting images to JPG format, the technology behind this is constantly getting better and finally offered as free. There are built-in free image converter to JPG for our Mac, it is Preview.

Preview the free image reader for macOS, it can open and read PDF, BMP, PNG, JPG, DNG, EPS, GIF, ICO, PSD, OpenEXR, Tiff and raw images. If you are a Mac user and not going to convert some uncommon images, you can use Preview, it also allows users to compress the JPG output, making it within 20KB or 50KB.

The Bad

  • No Batch Conversion
  • Limited support for image input

Follow the Steps to Convert Photo into 20KB JPG Free on Mac

  1. Open image with Preview.
  2. Go to File>Export.image to jpg mac 1
  3. Choose JPEG as the output format, adjust the image quality until you get the JPEG under 20KB, the file size will be showed accordingly.image to jpg mac 2
  4. Then hit Save to convert image to jpg on mac free and keep it small in size.

How to Convert Photo into 20KB JPG Free on Windows

For Windows users, Photos, the free image tool to open, create video, convert, markup, edit and resize images, is the perfect solution, if you don’t need a batch feature that is absent from Photos.

The Bad

  • No Batch Conversion
  • Limited support for image input
  • Need to convert first, then upload JPG files for resize again

Steps to Convert Photo to JPG in 20KB Free on Windows

  1. Open image with Photos.
  2. Click the 3-dot icon and choose Save As.image to jpg windows 1
  3. Select JPG as output format.image to jpg windows 2
  4. Reopen the created JPEG files with Photos, click the 3-dot icon again, choose Resize image.image to jpg windows 3
  5. Adjust the resize settings until the JPG size is compressed to 20KB or less.image to jpg windows 4
  6. Click Save to resize the JPG files on Windows for free.

What is The Best Way to Convert Image to JPG 20KB or Less Online Free

Our internet is full of online free tools to convert an image to JPG too, here we think image.online-convert is the most trustworthy online free too.

The Good

  • Convert 17 image formats to JPG
  • Export images as 12 different image formats
  • Upload images from computer, URL, Dropbox, Google Drive
  • Compress images
  • Choose image quality/size/color/DPI
  • Crop images
  • Enhance images

The Bad

  • Take time to batch process images
  • Limited image file size: Max 100 MB per image
  • Files are stored online for a while
  • Compression won’t work sometimes
  • Convert and compress only 1 image at one time

Follow the Steps to Convert Image to JPG in 20KB, 40KB or 50KB Online Free

  1. Head to image.online-convert.com/convert-to-jpg in your web browser.
  2. Drag and drop all your images to the online program.image to jpg online 1
  3. Choose a quality that can compress your photo to be 20KB or less.image to jpg online 2
  4. Go to Optional settings to change size, color, dpi or crop the image as you like.image to jpg online 3
  5. Click Start to convert image to 20KB JPG online free.
  6. Then download the JPG files to your local folder.

We Promise Converting Image to JPG is Simple

Converting image to JPG is not a high-tech issue, it is simple and we can easily nab a tool, even free to convert it. But the best bet to convert any image to JPG and keep the size under 20KB, 40KB, 50KB or any wanted smaller file size is using a pro tool, and the closest option our users should have for is to try the tools we recommend in this guide.